Monday, November 23, 2009

Bull Arizona, the Legacy of the Prairie

Bull Arizona – das Vermächtnis der Prärie – German title
Bull Arizona, the Legacy of the Prairie – English title

A 1919 German production [Charteau-Kunst-Film (Heidelberg)]
Producer: A. Basler
Director: Piel Jutzi (Philipp Jutzi), Horst Krahe
Screenplay: Hermann Basler
Cinematographer: Billy Salzmann [black & white]
Running time: 65 minutes

Arizona Bull - Hermann Basler
Mary Davis - Esther Farlan
Yellow Snake - Leo Westphal
Silver Feather - Mi Ship (Mizzi Ship)
sheriff - Curt Schreck

Near the American-Mexican border the temperatures are hot. Not because of the beating sun but from all the lead in the air. Bull Arizona is a bank robber and shoots his six-shooter at the least provocation. Although looking tough on the outside he is a very shy and falls in love with Mary but she belongs to another man named Richardson. The couple are on their way with a wagon train to settle the west. The woman goes in search of water but ends up almost dying in the desert before being saved by Arizona. He then protects the couple from an Indian attack

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