Monday, November 16, 2009

Remembering Guy Stockwell

Guy Stockwell was born on November 16, 1934 in New York City. He was the son of actor Harry Stockwell and actress Nina Olivette and was the older brother of actor Dean Stockwell. A child actor he was well known to TV in the 1960's and '70s. He costarred on the TV series “Adventures in Paradise” and “Return to Peyton Place”. He often took film roles in such well know movies as “The Plainsman”, Beau Geste”, “Tobruk” and “Airport '75”. He's probably known to most of us for his appearances in cult horror films such as “The Monitors”, “Santa Sangre”, and “It's Alive”. He also took part in several stage plays during his career and founded the Los Angeles Art Theatre. He produed and directed several plays and taught acting classes at UCLA. Guy appeared in only one Eurowestern as Zorro in 1963's “Three Swords of Zorro”. Guy died of diabetes on February 7, 2002 in Prescott, Arizona. We remember him today on what would have been his 75th birthday.

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  1. I loved him so much as Dr Michael Rossi on RETURN TO PEYTON PLACE. I had such a crush on him. Unfortunately, he married his tv nurse, Selena Cross, so I had to let him go.
    Godspeed Guy.