Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who Are Those Guys - Enzo Andronico

Born Vincenzo Andronico on May 13, 1930 in Palermo, Sicily Enzo had a long career in Italian B films in supporting roles in Franco & Ciccio films, before breaking into larger mainstream films. He was featured in small roles in the Franco & Ciccio westerns and as a villain in Italian crime and action films. His last screen appearance was in the 2003 film Andata e ritorno (Roundtrip). Enzo passed away on September 26, 2002 in his hometown of Palermo, Italy.

ANDRONICO, Enzo (Vincenzo Andronico) [5/13/1930, Palermo, Sicily, Italy - 9/26/2002, Palermo, Sicily, Italy] – stage, TV actor.
Two Mafiamen in the Far West – 1964 (prosecuting attorney)
The Two Sergeants of General Custer – 1965 (spy)
Dead for a Dollar – 1966
Two Sons of Ringo – 1966 (lawyer)
The Handsome, the Ugly and the Stupid – 1967 (2nd sheriff)
Two R-R-Ringos from Texas – 1967 (Confederate soldier)
The Longest Hunt – 1968 (Gunther)
The Nephews of Zorro – 1968 (kleptomaniac)
Alleluia and Sartana, Sons of God – 1972 (Reverend O'Connor)
Trinity & Sartana Those Sons o’ Bitches – 1972 (Maribel’s brother)


  1. Tom, the imdb gives September 26th, 2002 as date of death. Same with Italian wikipedia.
    Is he still alive?

  2. Thanks for the update I didn't have that information in my files so I've changed the post per your dates.