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La collina degli stivali – Italian title
La colina de las botes – Spanish title
Halleluja voor een paar vuisten – Dutch title
De blodiga stövlarnas kulle – Finnish title
Veristen saappaiden kukkula – Finnish title
La colline des bottes – French title
L’or de Liberty-ville – French title
Trinita va tout casser – French title
Les mines d’or de Liberty-ville – French title
Griffe pour griffe – French title
Hügel der Stiefel – German title
Hügel der blutigen Stiefel – German title
Zwei hau’n auf den Putz – German title
O lofos tis ekdikiseos…kai i sfaliara peftei synnefo – Greek title
A csizmadombi fenegyerek – Hungarian title
A Colina dos Sarilhos – Portuguese title
De blodiga stövlarnas kulle – Swedish title
Trinity Rides Again – English title
Boot Hill: Trinity Rides Again – U.S.A. title
Boot Hill – U.S.A. title

A 1969 Italian, Spanish co-production [Crono Cinematografica (Rome), San Marco (Madrid)
Producer: Enzo D’Ambrosio, Giuseppe Colizzi, Silvio Clementelli, Bino Cicogna.
Director: Giuseppe Colizzi
Story: Giuseppe Colizzi
Screenplay: Giuseppe Colizzi
Cinematography: Marcello Masciocchi [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Carlo Rustichelli
Running time: 106 minutes

Cat Stevens - Terence Hill (Mario Girotti)
Hutch Bessy/Arch Hutch - Bud Spencer (Carlo Pedersoli)
Miami/Mimmi/Mamy - Lionel Stander
Thomas - Woody Strode (Woodrow Strode)
Baby Doll - George Eastman (Luigi Montefiore)
Frank “Honey” Fisher - Victor Buono (Charles Buono)
Hans/Hank - Alberto Dell’Acqua
Sharp - Enzo Fiermonte (Vincenzo Fiermonte)
Franz/Frank - Neno Zamperla (Nazzareno Zamperla)
Commissioner Boone - Edward Cianelli (Eduardo Cianelli)
Finch - Glauco Onorato
John - Leslie Bailey
Joe - Maurizio Manetti
Sammy - Luciano Rossi
Mr. Collins/Trouble - Raffaele Mottola
midget clowns - Adriano Corneli, Antonio DeMartino
Nano - Arnaldo Fabrizio
ballerina - Mirella Pompili (Mirella Pamphili)
Fisher’s lawyer - Dante Cleri
Fisher henchman - Romano Puppo, Paolo Magalotti, Tito Garcia (Pablo Gonzalez), Remo Capitani (Renato Capitani), Joaquín Parra, Dino Strano, Gaetano Imbró
miners - Dan Sturkie (Daniel Sturkie), Wilbert Jones, Fortunato Arena
gambling miner - Elio Angelucci
with; Antonio Molino Rojo, Franco Gula (Francesco Gula), Brizio Montinaro, Angelo Boscariol

Running from his pursuers, a wounded Cat Stevens hides in a circus where Thomas is working. Cat manages to escape, but Thomas' son is killed by a murderous gunman. Seeking revenge, Thomas searches for Cat, and then together they go to meet with Hutch Bessy and his mute friend Baby Doll. Here Cat explains to Hutch the situation in which their friend Sharp is found. A gold mining community is oppressed by a criminal organization who claim the gold and property for themselves when a yearly visit from Commissioner Boone arrives. Aided by Mami's circus, the four manage to finish off the criminals and inform the judge of the situation.

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  1. Interesting that Bud Spencer doesn't share equal billing with Terence Hill on this poster. I wonder what market they're targeting.

  2. This would be for the American market as Hill & Spencer were unknown commodities. Woody Strode was a John Ford player and well known in the U.S.A. The film would be re-released and advertised again with Hill & Spencer after the Trinity films were a big hit.

  3. I figured as much. I just thought the poster looked like a newly-created one rather than an original.

  4. Veristen saappaiden kukkula – Danish title
    De blodiga stovlarnas kulle – Finnish title
    Veristen saappaiden kukkula – Finnish title

    There's something wrong with these titles. "Veristen saappaiden kukkula" is indeed the Finnish title. "De blodiga stövlarnas kulle" (with "ö") is the Swedish title. I have no idea what the real Danish title would be.

    "De blodiga stövlarnas kulle" is also the Swedish title used in Finland (country with two official languages)

  5. Thanks Smjango changes noted and made.

  6. Forgot to mention earlier, correct Finnish title for Boldest Job in the West is "Suuri pankkiryöstö"

  7. Thanks Smjango change noted and changed.

  8. Biltmore: Add Wayde Preston to the cast. He's the bearded landowner (Macpherson??? or Mac something or other) whose home is attacked.

  9. Biltomore - could it be Dan Sturkie instead of Wayde Preston. Both men are very similar and Sturkie is seen in the film as one of the miners. He's in several Spencer / Hill films notably as the lead Mormon in "They Call Me Trinity".