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Rimase uno solo e fu la morte per tutti! – Italian title
Senza Respiro – Italian working title
Irmão Fora da Lei – Brazilian title
Lainsuojaton – Finnish title
Le pistolero de Tombstone – French title
Dakota – Nur der Colt war sein Gesetz – German title
Schwur des Geachteten – German title
Solo y fuera de la ley – Spanish title
La muerta fue para todos – Spanish title
Dakota – English title
Brother Outlaw – English title

A 1970 Italian production [Trans World Films (Rome)]
Director: Edward G. Muller (Edoardo Mulargia)
Story: Alessandro Schirò
Screenplay: Edoardo Mulargia, Alessandro Schirò
Cinematography: Antonio Modica [Eastmancolor, widscreen]
Music: Felice Di Stefano, Gianfranco Di Stefano
Running time: 84 minutes

Dakota Thompson - Tony Kendall (Luciano Stella)
Slim Thompson - James Rogers
Jane/Jean - Sophie Kammer (Sofia Kammara)
Alvarez - Celso Faria
Donovan - Omero Gargano
bank director - Mimmo Maggio (Vincente Maggio)
Jackson - Fortunato Arena
Prison warden - Atillio Dotte (Attilio Dottesio)
with; Dean Stratford (Dino Strano), Sergio Sagnotti, Luciano Conti, Michele Branca, Nino Musco, Franco Marletta (Francesco Marletta), Bruno Boschetti, Enzo Pulcrano

When sheriff Dakota Thompson is framed by a gang of outlaws led by Alavrez and sentenced to life in prison. His brother Slim helps breaks him out of jail and the two eliminate the gang and prove Dakota's innocence, which results in his reinstatement as sheriff.

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  1. "Creuse ta fosse, j'aurai ta peau" is the French title of "Why Go On Killing?" ("Perche uccidi ancora?"), not of "Brother Outlaw".
    Also, I'm not sure "James Rogers" is "Jean Louis": the two look like each other, but Jean Louis is heavier IMHO.

  2. Breccio - Thanks as always for the corrections. I guess we'll leave James Rogers up for debate. Both noted and changed.