Monday, October 19, 2009

Spaghetti Western Locations

At a location designated as “Los llanos del duque" which is further down on the service road to Gergal at the Tabernas exit from Autovia 92 at the Tabernas exit. This location is on the same road as the gate to El Condor about 2.5 miles further north.

There is a pullout where you can park your car and then you climb to the top of a small hill which has a camera location and overlooks the farmer's field below. Little has changed since this location was used in the opening scene of “For a Few Dollars More” before and during the opening credits. If you listen closely you may still here the whistling and humming of Sergio Leone as it blows by on the wind.


  1. Nice photo Tom, its a magic spot and still unspoilt by plastic or wind turbines. Also used in GBU where Blondie leaves Tuco in the desert "such ingratitude after all the times I've saved your life", classic line.

  2. I agree Ramon. I was blown away at how much it still looked the same. I ran out and layed down where the rider was shot in the opening scene while Don took my picture. I kept waiting for Sergio to yell, "Cut, that's a wrap" in Italian.

  3. "Los llanos del duque" is the name of the place. And the town is Tabernas, not tavernas :)

    Great place! Greetings from Almería.

  4. Gracias Muten. Changes noted and made. Tavernas was a typo.