Monday, October 12, 2009

Bootle Saddles (TV)

Bootle Saddles – U.K. title

A 1984 British TV production [British Broadcasting Corporation (London)]
Producer: David Askey
Director: David Askey
Teleplay: Ray Mansell, Paul Benn
Photography: [color]
Running time: 6 episodes x 30 minutes

Percy James - Kenneth Cope
Isobel James - Anne Carroll
Betty James - Debbie Arnold (Jeanette King)
Tom Henderson - John Normington
Rita Henderson - Shirley Stelfox
“The Kid” - Gordon Rawlings (Gordon Rollings)
Cyril - Robert Owen
Bert - Mike Walling
with; Joe Gladwin, Jack Russell

A group of Mancunians and a Welshman start up a Wild West theme park/club with costumes, blank firing six-shooters and caravans with plywood fronts on them for buildings.

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