Sunday, October 25, 2009

Remembering Dieter Borsche

Born Dieter Albert Eugen Rolloman on Ocotber 25, 1909 in Hannover, Germany. He was the son of conductor Willi Felix Borsche and singer Anna Freidrike Marie. Dieter's original interest was in dance and he was a ballet dancer from 1930-1935 at the Municipal Opera in Hannover. He then became interested in acting and took acting lessons and appeared on stage from 1935-1944. In 1944 during World War II he was drafted into the army where he was wounded and captured. After the war he returned to the theater and film acting where he became famous. He had acted in film since 1935 in small roles but found fame in 1949's Nachtwache (Night Watch). His film persona was one of heroism and integrity. He began to change this in the 1960s when he took roles as villains. Sometime in the 1950s he began the first signs of muscular dystrophy. He was forced to retire from film and television in the 1970s. Confined to a wheelchair he took roles in radio and stage plays. He was married three times the last to actress Ulla Willick from 1970 until his death in 1982 in Nuremberg, Germany. He is the father of director Kaj Borsche. In 1964 Dieter appeared as Pastor Benson in his only Euro-western “Massacre at Marble City. Today we celebrate what would have been Dieter Borsche's 100th birthday.

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