Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bonanca & C.a.

Bonança & C.a - Portuguese title
Bonança e Companhia – Portuguese title

A 1969 Portuguese production [Internacional Films (Lisbon)]
Producer: Jorge Gonçalves, Felipe de Solms
Director: Pedro Martins
Story: Francisco Nicholson
Screenplay: Jorge Gonçalves
Dialogue: Francisco Nicholson
Cinematography: João Moreira [color/black & white]
Music: Eugénio Pepe
Running time: 100 minutes

Bento - Eugénio Salvador
Adão - Nicolau Breyner (João Lopes)
Bina - Mariema
Mariana - Manuela Maria
José - Orlando Fernandes
Tina - Natalina José
Osso - Victor Mendes
Lina - Célia De Sousa
Teles - Francisco Nicholson
with; Max, Armando Cortez, Óscar Acúrcio, Helena Isabel

Portuguese comedy western where a man daydreams about adventures in the Wild West.


  1. Is there some more info about the story, somewhere? Or any reviews?

  2. I looked for over a week on the internet and could find nothing. Hopefully Antonio can add to the storyline I provided. It's frustrating when you know a film exists yet can find little to nothing on it.

  3. Bento(Eugenio Salvador) is the patriarch of an ordinary family and they live in Lisbon in a small house with low perspectives in life, howevwer one of his sons dreams about the wild west and in his dreams Bento is a sort of Ben Cartwright, the patriarch of Bonanza and even one the sons is called Osso (Bone in portuguese)but very similar to Hoss and the actor who played Osso was a very large actor too, Vitor Mendes was his name, and other one is called adão, like Adam, played by the great portuguese actor Nicolau Breyner. The western dreams are cleary inspired in Bonanza and unfortunately there is little information about this film, seems it becamed a ghost movie and I can't found it anywhere and I saw it with 6 or 7 years old, so I can't remenber it very well, but I remenber very well that only the western dreams are in color the rest of the film it's in black and white, it's a pity that the only one portuguese western seems to be lost, and I remenber that it was a great hit in Portugal.
    All I can add it's some child memories, even in portuguese there nothing about this film in the internet, fortunately I add this title in the former Fatman database, so we are talking about it, and since than I'm still looking for it and nothing...
    All the best,
    António Rosa