Saturday, November 5, 2022

Who Are Those Singers & Musicians ~ Oldřich Dědek


Oldřich Dědek was born in Nový Jičín, Czechoslovakia on April 13, 1920. His career began as an opera singer but beyond that he was not only a good singer, but he was versatile - a decent actor, an excellent comedian, an acrobat and a tap dancer. In addition, he sculpted and drew excellently. He was a man of sparkling talent, but unfortunately, he was unable to fully utilize his many talents. He broke through as a star in the post-war period, when there was very little competition in the art world, but the tradition of opera singing was very high, so there was something to build on. He was lucky in that respect. but he lacked managerial and organizational skills as well as perseverance and the ability to overcome obstacles. He was a typical bohemian who lived carefree from day to day. He died prematurely, in 1973 in Prague, Czechoslovaki from liver failure caused by diabetes. He was only 53.

DEDEK, Oldřich (aka Oldřich Horský) (Oldřich Dědek) [4/13/1920, Nový Jičín, Czechoslovakia – 5/8/1973, Prague, Czechoslovakia (diabetes, kidney failure)] – actor, singer, married to ? father of Marcela Dědková–Borgesová.

Song of the Prairie – 1949 [sings: “Sou fár tu jú aj mej”, “So far”)

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