Saturday, November 26, 2022

The Tabernas Desert becomes a true 'European Film Treasure'




 The Tabernas Desert becomes an authentic 'European Cinematographic Treasure'. The president of Diputación and the representative of the 'European Film Academy' inaugurate the monolith that accredits this denomination and places this immense outdoor set in the 'Treasure Map' of the filmmakers

It's official. November 19, 2022, will go down in the history of cinema in the province as the date on which the Tabernas Desert became an authentic 'European Film Treasure'. This prestigious, and select, denomination granted by the European Film Academy (EFA) has been made official with the inauguration of the monolith that accredits it and that places this immense outdoor set in the 'Treasure Map' of the filmmakers.

The president of Diputación, Javier A. García, and the representative of the EFA, Antonio Saura, have been in charge of discovering the monolith accompanied by the representatives of the film academies of the different autonomous communities, as well as the director of FICAL, the deputy of Culture and Cinema, the accidental mayor of Tabenas, councilors and those responsible for Oasys Mini Hollywood.

With the characteristic landscape of the only desert on the European continent as a backdrop, Javier A. García and Antonio Saura have been excited to witness a "transcendental" day for the history of European cinema.

The Almerienses should feel proud that the Tabernas Desert is the second European cinematographic treasure of Andalusia (The first is the Plaza de España in Seville). This means that the 6,800 scholars have recognized this environment as one of the most wonderful and prolific sites for filming and for the talent of the authors to be manifested." There are currently only 12 cinematic treasures in the world.

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  1. I've always wanted to visit Almeria in Spain. I think one day I might.