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Who Are Those Singers & Musicians ~ Maria Del Carmen


Maria del Carmen Arévalo Latorre aka Maria Del Carmen was born in Barcelona, Spain on September 19, 1943. Since she was very young she dreamed of being an artist and becoming famous. Together with some friends, (Juan, Alfonso, Rafa and Paco) she decided to form the group "Donald Duck", to play at parties and with which she later entered a radio contest, thus getting her first artistic prize. When in 1966 they recorded their first album, the group was renamed Los Stop with which they obtained resounding hits ("Tres cosas (Salud, dinero y amor)", "El turista 1.999.999", "Yo te daré", "La, la, la", etc.)

After leaving Los Stop, she began a solo career full of success and in which she proved her worth as a singer. After several attempts came the song "Viva la vida", which made her very popular again.

In 1970, TVE produced a program to choose the song of the Eurovision Song Contest, and consequently its interpreter, who would represent Spain in 1971, an event that was held in the city of Dublin. The jury considered that the song performed by Karina, "En un mundo nuevo" by Tony Luzand and Rafael Trabuchelli, was the most suitable to represent Spain in the contest. Finally, she obtained 116 points and finished second.

Record hits followed with songs like "Cambiemos el color del cielo", "Todas las cosas", "Concierto para una voz", "Amarillo". Soon after, she decided to retire from the art world by opening her own business and dedicating herself to taking care of her daughter.

In 1973 she decided to continue with her solo career, making versions and achieving success with some songs composed exclusively for her byJuan Pardo, Camilo Blanesor De la Calva y Arcusa (Dynamic Duo), such as "Las calles mojadas", "Eternamente enamorada", "Mama samba" or "Amor prohibido".

In 1975 she recorded with Ariola the song "De igual color", with which he had won the First Prize of the IV Festival de laCanción de la Pazorganized by La Voz de Valladolid in 1974.

In 1999, with "Formula Devils" she went to Miami where she was very well received and obtained great success, which would make her return in October 2005 to the "Miami Dade County Auditorium" with the show "Lluvia de estrellas" in which she acted with Karina, Los Mitosand Tony Landaand in April 2006 to the "Manuel Artime Theater" hand in hand with Manolo Galván.

On her return from her last trip to Miami, she adopted the name Cristina Stop and dedicated herself to preparing a new recording in a CD containing ten songs.

Del CARMEN, de la TORRE, Maria (aka Cristina, Cristina Stop) (Maria del Carmen Arévalo Latorre) [9/19/1943, Barcelona, Cataluna, Spain -     ] – actress, singer, married to actor David Areu (Jose David Lopez Lopez) [1942-    ] (1971-197?) mother of Alejandra Areu [1972-    ], member of the singing groups “Donald Duck”, “Los Stop”, “Formula Devils”

     Rebels in Canada - 1965 [sings: “Los arboles blancos” Spanish version]


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