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European Western Comic Books – Albogiornale (ALBI JUVENTUS (4) SUPPLEMENT JUVENTUs)




The word Supplements Juventus is attributed to these comic books for ease of cataloging, it is not printed on the books themselves, which are usually identified by collectors. They do not carry numbering and initially come out without indications, then they are mainly a supplement to the Albogiornale.

Series I: Here we wanted to insert three issues that were published in 1938, the first two by the Vittoria Publishing House and printed by the Off. Grafiche La Lito and the third by Arti Grafiche Zacchetti & C. for Edizioni S.A.D.E.L. Among other things, the first two comic books were still advertised on Albi JUVENTUS in the summer of 1940. "The Invincible" and "The Hero of Texas" publish Ted Strong by Al Carreno, already appeared as Matteo Garrese on Topolino (1937 and 1940) and "The Arizona Musketeers" still features English-made material.

Series II: The debut takes place with three collections of the inserts of the first 8 issues of Albogiornale and along the same lines the "reprint" of "Paolone the Smuggler" is inserted. Then there are stories already published in the weekly itself or in Audace I #19 #20 present Captain Fiamma (Gordon Fife) by Bob Moore and Carl Pfeufer, #29 and #30 propose “Courageous Hearts” (Albi Juventus #107/135 and #31 and #32 close the series with the “Life of Lightning” fictionalized by Vincenzo Baggioli.

This comic book series was published in 1938 and consisted of 36 issues consisting of two series. It was published in Milan, Italy by ADC and each issue was consisted of between 8 and 48 black and white pages with color covers. The series began in 1938 and ended in 1943.



Series I

(01) (00.00.38) - “L’invincibile” (The Invincible)

(02) (00.00.38) - “L’eroe dal Texas” (The Hero from Texas)

(03) (00.00.38) - “I moschettieri dell’Arizona” (The Arizona Musketeers)


Series II

(01) (00.00.39) - “Il gran premio mondiale” (nn. 1/3) (The World Grand Prix)

(02) (00.00.39) - “Le avventure di Cuorforte” (nn. 4/6) (The Adventures of Cuorforte)

(03) (00.00.39) - “Il terrore della Cordigliera” (nn. 7/8) (The Terror of Cordigliera)

(04) (00.00.39) - “Paolone contrabbandiere” (Marotta) (Paolone smuggler)

(05) (01.07.39) - “Le caverne dei giganti” (The Caverns of the Giants)

(06) (01.08.39) - “Il treno della morte” (The Train of Death)

(07) (28.08.39) - “Il tempio d’oro” (DF ) (C. Cossio) (The Golden Temple)

(08) (01.09.39) - “Aquila nera” (Vittorio Cossio) (Black Eagle)

(09) (24.12.39) - “Fulminissimo” (Carlo Cossio) (Very Lightning)

(10) (00.00.40) - “Lotte nell’ombra” (Struggles in the Shadows)


(11) (03.11.40) - “La torre magnetica” (Edgardo Dell’Acqua) (sp. al n. 87) (The

                              Magnetic Tower)

(12) (24.11.40) - “Biribì, re degli elefanti” (Vittorio Cossio) (sp. al n. 90) (Biribi, King of

                             the Elephants)

(13) (08.12.40) - “La setta del Drago Verde” (Guido Zamperoni) (sp. al n. 92) (The Sect

                              of the Green Dragon)

(14) (02.03.41) - “Gli sparvieri del mare” (sp. al n. 104) (The Sparrow Hawks of the Sea)

(15) (04.05.41) - “L’appello salvatore” (sp. al n. 113) (The Savior Appeal)

(16) (18.05.41) - “Ombre rosse” (sp. al n. 115) (Red Shadows)

(17) (15.06.41) - “Il mistero della sfinge” (sp. al n. 119) (The Mystery of the Sphynx)

(18) (29.06.41) - “Nell’Atlantide misteriosa” (sp al n. 121) (The Mysterious Atlantis)

(19) (20.07.41) - “Il mistero dell’orso fantasma” (I) (sp. al n. 124) (The Mystery of the

                              Ghost Bear)

(20) (03.08.41) - “Un’invenzione pericolosa” (II) (sp. al n. 126) (A Dangerous Invention)


(21) (10.08.41) - “Il rubino del Kalahari” (sp. al n. 127) (The Ruby of the Kalahari)

(22) (17.08.41) - “Lotta nello spazio” (sp. al n. 128) (Struggle in Space)

(23) (21.05.42) - “I naufraghi della Cunegonda” (I) (sp. al n. 162) (The Shipwrecked

                             People of Cunegonda)

(24) (28.05.42) - “Le grandi cacce di Zenobio” (II) (sp. al n. 163) (The Great Hunts of


(25) (09.07.42) - “Nel campo nemico” (Guido Zamperoni) (sp. al n. 169 bis) (In the

                             Enemy Camp)

(26) (00.00.00) - “Polidoro” (Polidoro)

(27) (00.00.00) - “La tradotta degli sfollati” (sp. ALBI JUVENTUS) (The Translation of

                              the Displaced)

(28) (00.00.00) - “La freccia d’oro” (Reg Perrot) (sp. ALBI JUVENTUS) (The Golden


(29) (00.00.00) - “Terre senza pace” (I) (Polidoro) (Lands Without Peace)

(30) (00.00.00) - “Nelle gole del Colorado” (II) (In the Colorado Gorges)

(31) (00.00.43) - “Vita di Fulmine - Prime avventure” (Life of Lightning – First


(32) (00.00.43) - “Vita di Fulmine - Secondo episodio” (Life of Lightning – Second


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