Monday, November 28, 2022

European Western Comic Books - Albi Mira: Falco d’Argento


Albi Mira: Falco d’Argento

Four unique issues published by Edizioni Mira di Piacenza. Undated, they advertise the sticker album "All footballers - 1966-67 Championship". The "Selima" book is designed by Gaspare De Fiore. Images provided by Franco Guerra and Sergio Morello. The comic books were published in 1966 by Edizioni Mira and each issue consisted of 16 black and white pages with color covers.


(01) (00.00.66) - "Falco d'Argento"

(02) (00.00.66) - "Missione nel Mar di Giava"

(03) (00.00.66) - "Selima"

(04) (00.00.66) - "Gli Uomini Pantera"

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