Saturday, July 10, 2021

Rome Glows With Stars [archived newspaper article]


The Pittsburgh Press

Hollywood in Europe

By Sheilah Graham

May 9, 1968


Rome – There are more stars in Rome than in Hollywood.


     Lauren Bacall, visiting with husband Jason Robards, bawling out a chauffeur – in Spanish, for sending a small car instead of the larger one ordered. But big American cars have difficulty negotiating the narrow, cobbled, back alley of old Rome.

     Charles Bronson, arm in arm with Jill Ireland, on the Via Veneto. And Charles telling me he will marry the ex-Mrs. David McCallum, “as soon as we can find a big house in California.” (For five children between them). Bronson, popular in Europe because of his dark, rather sinister good looks, is starring with Henry Fonda and Jason Robards in “How the West Was Really Won,” with Sergio Leone directing the American western, first in Rome, then Spain, with a few weeks in Arizona…

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