Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The 2nd of January returns to Rodalquilar the Gold Rush

A Geominera Guide of Rodalquilar composed of five routes revives the mining season of the Nijarian town

By A. Maldondo
December 27 2018

January 2, 2019 the Rodalquilar Geominera Guide will be presented, consisting of five perfectly detailed routes accompanied by an extensive description of the mines, quarries and facilities of this famous Almerian gold deposit.

The author, Francisco Hernández Ortiz, completes it with data on metal mining in the southern part of the Sierra and the mining of tailings. He will be accompanied by his editor and great connoisseur of the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, Antonio Gil Albarracín, Councilman Alexis Pineda Díaz and Julián Vera Sánchez of the Friends of the Park Association

The Department of Tourism, Historical Heritage and Beaches of the City of Níjar has collaborated in the publication of a guide that it considers interesting and necessary, in the words of Alexis Pineda "people venture to explore the area and do it without a guide to indicate the roads and historical places, which implies a great risk for the safety of people; it is the first warning we will find in this precious book that invites us to continue knowing and enjoying our municipality, its history and its heritage.”

It also highlights the importance for Níjar Geotourism and scholars of geology out of season.

The Geominera Guide can be purchased in almost all the bookstores of the province and in the Shop of Los Milagros de Rodalquilar, which has also collaborated in this publication as well as Friends of the Park and the own council. Its price - six euros - makes it affordable to all pockets and recently published is already one of the essentials in the literature of the walkers of this land.

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