Monday, June 29, 2015

The Lost Gold of the Inkas

Das verschollene Inka-Gold – German title
Das verschollene Inkagold – German title
L'or des Incas – French title
Omul de aur – Romanian title
Poarta de aur a incasilor – Romanian title
Пропавшее золото инков – Russian title
The Lost Gold of the Incas – English title
The Hussy – English title

A 1975 German, Romanian, French television co-production [Tele München Fernseh Produktionsgesellschaft, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (Berlin), Romania Film (Bucharest), TF1 Films Production (Paris)]
Producer: Alfred Nathan
Director: Wolfgang Staudte
Story: Jack London (John Chaney)
Teleplay: Walter Ulbrich
Photography: Alexandru David [color]
Music: Hans Posegga
Running time: 4 episodes x 98 minutes

Brian Jones - Vadim Glowna
Ina – Ruby Manila
Yakata - Amza Pellea
Teresa - Maria Meriko (Maria Alikhanochiuli)
Ben Collins - Alexander Allerson
Setlife - Mihai Paladescu
Wade - Stefan Mihailescu-Braila
Domingo - Cornel Girbea (Corneliu Gîrbea)
Indian - Cadri
With: Cornel Coman

A western adventure film based on a story by Jack London.  Having hired on for an oil company as a train driver, the engineer Brian Jones is sent to a South American country, where he is to secure the transport of oil.  Very quickly Jones comes to realize that the region is teeming with bandits and murderers.  So he experiences a number of life-threatening adventures - but the biggest challenge is still before him: When Jones learns of a mysterious Inca treasure he makes every effort to find it at any price.

Originally broadcast in four episodes in 1975 on German television and was rebroadcast in 1977.

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