Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Guns of Honor (TV)

Die Geächteten – German title
Za honor i orjczyne – Polish title
Guns of Honor: Rebel Rousers – English title
Guns of Honor – U.S.A. title

A 1993 Brithsh, South African television co-production [Peakviewing Productions Limited/LLIW Productions (London), Safritel (Johannesburg)]
Producer: Peter Edwards, Paul Matthews
Director: Peter Edwards
Story: The Ysabel Kid by J.T. Edson
Teleplay: Paul Matthews
Photography: Peter Thornton [color]
Music: Shuki Levy, Stephen C. Marston
Running time: 95 minutes

Captain Dusty Fog – Christopher Atkins (Christopher Bomann)
Jackson Baines ‘Ole Devil’ Hardin – Martin Sheen (Ramon Estevez)
Sergeant Jack Neumann – Jürgen Prochnow
Karl – Alan Benatar (Alain Benatar)
Lieutenant Mark Counter – Gerard Christophe (Gerard Dinome)
La Salle – Graham Clarke
Belle Boyd – Janine Denison
Almonte – Bill Flynn(William Flynn)
Saloon girl – Michelle Garforth
Lon ‘Kid Cuchillo’ Ysabel/Miguel Rodriguez (Todd Jensen)
Rupe – Simon Jones (John Jones)
Mexican wife – Lisa Lack
Haze – Greg Melvill-Smith
Giss – Frank Notaro
Sheldon – Adrian Steed
Leroy Washington – Glen Gabela
San Ysabel – Michael Brunner
Le Blanc – Robin Smith
Mexican boy – Jacques Gerber
With: Tertius Meintjes
Stunts: Aslan, Arthur Bezezen (Arthur Berezin), Gavin Genlaud (Gavin Genlloud), Craig Ginsberg, Gavin Mey, Chis Olley, Bruce Ortaey, Graham Press, Raymond Sammel, Peter Spiropoulous, Neville Strydom, Edgar Teixeira, Paul Teixeira, Danie van Rensburg (Danie Van Rensburg, Michelle Van Rensburg, Peter Warnaby

A group of Confederate soldiers, shortly after the end of the War Between The States, that is attempting to smuggle new Winchester rifles, bestowed by the United States government upon Mexican rebels warring against Emperor Maximilian's French troops, and additionally involves another set of ex-Confederates that is bent upon delivering documents of amnesty from Washington to the other Southerners so that all may return to the reunited Union and prepare to wage war with French invaders into Texas.

In 1992 a TV series was planned based on the works based on British author J.T. Edson western novels The Floating Outfit. The screenplay is based upon the novel The Ysabel Kid. Edson’s historically inaccurate depictions of Western Americana were researched for the most part in his favourite pub. The screenplay is replete with incongruity of dialogue, often lapsing into late 20th century American urban slang. The film suffers from such problems as erratic sound mixing, ragged stunt work, commercial fadeouts arranged for its television release, fragmented storylines, an energetic rescue from drowning in a turgid waist deep river, frequent silly twirling of pistols and inefficiently fanning of their hammers during gun battles, shifts in relationships without ostensible cause, foolish historic implausibilities, and a slew of other factors that insult the Western film genre. The action was filmed in South Africa.

The series was never released on TV and instead two films were condensed from the episodes filmed and released as “Guns of Honor” and “Trigger Fast”.

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