Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hawkeye, the Pathfinder (TV)

Hawkeye, the Pathfinder – British title
Der Pfadfinder – German title
Hawkeye, the Pathfinder – English title

A 1973 British television mini-series [BBC (London)]
Producer: John McRae
Director: David Maloney
Story: James Fenimore Cooper
Teleplay: Allan Prior, Alistain Bell
Photography: ? [color]
Music: Dudley Simpson
Running time: 5 episodes x 50 minutes

Hawkeye – Paul Masie (Arthur Massie)
Chingachgook – John Abineri
Mabel Dunham – Jan Francis
Uncle Cap – Patrick Troughton
Sergeant Dunham – Windsor Davies
Jasper Western – William Ellis
Arrowhead – Gilbert Wynne
Lieutenant Davy Muir – Calum Mill (Malcolm Mill)
Major Lundie – Leonard Maquire
Oaissa – Aviva Goldkorn
Corporal Mackay – David McKail
Lieutenant Carter – Simon McCorkindale
Sentry – Pat Gorman
Mrs. Watson – Jane Sherwin
Captain Watson – Richard Steele
Red Cloud – Drew Wood
Iroquois chief - Terence Brook
Woman in black - Gwyneth Guthrie
Deserter - Tony McEwan
Highland soldier - Ian Oliver
Iroquois brave - Tim Pearce
Minister - Clyde Pollitt
Sagamore - David Steuart
Old Delaware - Dudley Stuart White
Cabin boy - Stephen Butler
Ensign White - David Goodland
Captain Sanglier - Hilary Minster (Roger Minster)

In 1758 in the vicinity of New England and Lake Ontario. Mabel Dunham, known as Magnet, is the daughter of Sergeant Dunham who is stationed at Fort Oswego. When her mother dies, she tells her Uncle Cap, a retired sea captain, that she has decided to join her father at the fort and enlists the services of an Indian named Arrowhead and his squaw. Dew of June, to guide them. Meanwhile, in the Fort Oswego area, Pathfinder, the scout, his trusty Mohican friend, Chingachgook, and another guide, Jasper Western, learn that the French are planning to attack Fort Ticonderoga. When they go to Fort Oswego to forewarn the troops, they learn from Seargeant Dunham that Magnet and Uncle Cap are on their way. They move swiftly to join Cap and Magnet as additional guides on the dangerous trip. But the plot thickens when Arrowhead, Pathfinder and Jasper all fall in love with Magnet and Arrowhead disappears to meet with Mohawk warriors planning to ambush the little party.

This British TV mini-series was a sequel to the BBC mini-series “Last of the Mohicans” and featuring the further adventures of Hawkeye and Chingachgook.

The Mini-series consisted of five one hour episodes. Where “Last of the Mohicans” received rave reviews and awards this follow up was regarded as dreadful and one of the worst mini-series in BBC history.