Tuesday, June 9, 2015

High Plains Invaders (TV)

Alien Western – Canadian title
Alian Invaders – French title
Ouranioi eisvoleis – Greek title
Obcy przybywaja do Kolorado – Polish title
Invasão de Outro Mundo – Portuguese title
Alien Attack – Spanish title
High Plains Invaders – English title

A 2008 Canadian, Romanian co-production [Muse Entertainment Enterprises (Toronto), Castel Film (Bucharest)]
Producer: Ric Nish
Director: K.T. Donaldson (Kristoffer Tabori)
Story: Richard Beatie
Teleplay: Richard Beatie
Photography: Pierre Jodoin [color]
Music: James Gelfand
Running time: 87 minutes

Sam Danville – James Marsters
Rose Hildridge – Sanny Van Heteren
Sorina – Adriana Boutoï
Gus McGreevey – Antony Byrne
Jules Arning – Sebastian Knapp
Abigail Pixley – Cindy Sampson
Sheriff - James Jordan
Grizzled miner - Constantin Barbulescu
Deputy - Dan Bordeianu
Franklin - Sorin Cristea
Cornelius Harrington - Dugald Bruce Lockhart
Stunts: Mihai Diaconu, Marin Petrica, Maria-Antoaneta Tudor, Daniel Visan 

In 1892 a convicted outlaw arrives in a small Colorado town to be hanged for his crimes only to end up rescuing the town from alien invaders.

“High Plains Invaders” was filmed in Romania in December of 2008. Lead actor James Marsters said the film was a way to reinvent the Western film genre, which often had the same elements and types of characters, by including alien mechanical bugs.


  1. I think I have seen this one. Was.....ok.

  2. This the one where you can see the back supports for another building facing in the opposite direction. Was quite a distraction and I don't know why that wasn't removed digitally. You can see it on the left of the photo above.

  3. spero esca anche in italia,sono curioso e vorrei metterlo nella mia collezione