Saturday, June 13, 2015

How the Wild West Was Won with Ray Mears (TV)

How the Wild West Was Won with Ray Mears – U.K. title

A 2014 British production [BBC 4 (London)]
Producer: Clare Bradshaw, Phil Coles, Siân Jones, Bethany Sowersby
Director: Phil Coles
Teleplay: Ray Mears (Raymond Mears)
Photography: Matt Norman [color]
Music: Simon Russell
Running time: 60 minutes

Story: Three part mini-series on the American west 1) Mountains, 2) Great Plains, 3) Deserts.

Narrator - Ray Mears (Raymond Mears)

A BBC Four television mini-series in which wilderness expert Ray Mears explores how the awesome wilderness of the North American continent shaped the story of the Wild West. The subject of this series is not just wildlife, or even how wildlife interacts with a solitary explorer, it's how a landscape as awe-inspiring as this can shape the growth of an entire society.

Episode list: 1) The Mountains, 2) Great Plains 3) Deserts

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