Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Legend of Calamity Jane (TV)

La legend de Calamity Jane – French title
The Legend of Calamity Jane – U.S.A. title

A 1996 U.S.A., France co-production [Warner Bros. (Hollywood), Contre Allée, Canal + (Paris)]
Producer: Michel Pinard, Thierry Rivard
Director: Pascal Morelli
Story: Françoise Boublil, Jean Helpert
Teleplay: David Bleiman Ichioka, Ken Pontac, Mark Zaslove, Michael Patrick Dobkins
Animation: Saburo Hashimoto [color]
Music: La Belle Equipe
Running time: 22 minutes x 13 episodes

Calamity Jane, Joe Presto, Captain John O’Rourke, Bill Doolin, Wild Bill Hickok, Brown, Lonely Sue, Quanna Parker, Leilani, Sam Bass, Zita

Jane is a gun-toting, law-abiding righter of wrongs. She is accompanied by her friend Joe Presto. This series featured the adventures of heroine Calamity Jane and the conquest of the West along with her friends.

The series lasted one episode on American TV before it was pulled because of excessive violence.

Meanwhile in France it was nominated for two Annie Awards for best production and direction.

Episodes: 1) When the whip cracks (A Slip Of The Whip), 2) An army lawless (An Army Of Rogues), 3) Like father, like daughter (Like Father, Like Daughter), 4) Three is (As Easy as One, Two, Three), 5) A cracking pace (Train Kept A Rollin'), 6) When the curtain falls (The Final Curtain), 7) On the trail of the bison (The Way of the Buffalo), 8) Troubled Waters (Troubled Waters), 9) Meanwhile the cavalry (Waiting for the Calvary), 10) Dead or Alive (Dead or Alive), 11) Protected (Protege), 12) Rebellion in Philadelphia (I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia), 13) Beyond revenge (Without a Vengeance)

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