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Bordertown (TV)

Les deux font la loi - French title
Bordertown - English title

A 1989-1991 Canadian, French, U.S.A. television co-production [Alliance Communications
Corp. (Toronto), La 5 (Paris), Global (Hollywood)]
Producers: Denis Héroux, Stéphane Reichel, Jana Veverka, Lionel E. Siegel
Directors: Stuart Gillard, Paol Barzman, Jean-Pierre Prévost, Michael Robison, Brad Turner Neill Fearnley, Philippe Martin-Morice, Pierre Magny, Susan Martin, Brad Mercer, Daniel Moosman, Michael Schock, Alan Nahum, Didier Albert, Rene Bonniere, Richard Comar, Bernard Dumont, George Erschbamer, Allan King, Ken Jubinvill
Teleplay: Pascal Bancou, Christian Bouveron, Lionel E. Siegel, Jana Veverka, Aaron Barzman,
Yves Lavandier, Michael Mercer, Peter Mitchell, Paul Aitken, W.J. Ancevich, Barbara Brown, Lyal Brown, R.B. Carney (Robert B. Carney), Pierre Colin-Thibert, Suzette Couture, Bruno Dega Sylvie Dervin, Sally Drake, Tom Drake (Thomas Drake), Bruce Dysart, Christine Foster, Tony Foster, Larry Gaynor (Lawrence Gaynor), Nancy Heikin-Pepin, Jim Henshaw, Julie Lacey, Paul Ledoux, Janet MacLean, Malcolm MacRury, Malcol Matthews, Peter Mohan, Deborah Nathan, Anthony Robertson, J.K.E. Rose, Philip Rosenberg, Lorne Rossman, Tony Sheer
Photography: René Verzier [color]
Music: Henri Lorineau
Running time: 30 minutes x 78 episodes

Marshal Jack Craddock - Richard Comar
Corporal Clive Bennett R.C.M.P. - John H. Brennan
Doctor Marie Dumont - Sophie Barjac
Otto Danzinger - Fritz Bergold
Bruno Danzinger - Wyatt Orr
Sally Duffield - Beverly Elliott (Beverely Elliott)
Diane Duffield - Fred Perry
Zachary Denny - Duncan Fraser
Willie Haddon - Gregory Togel
Clara - Kymberly Sheppard
Jake Epple - Bill Pepperall
Liam Gleeson - Hagan Beggs (Jim Beggs)
Dominic Bertino - Dom Fiore
Wendell MacWherter - Paul Batten
Gabriel Couteau - Patrice Valota
Diane Denny, Lucy Miller - Sarah Sawatsky
Couture - R. Nelson Brown
Louis Gilbert - Didier Sauvegrain
Archie Stanton - Matthew Walker
Henry Jordan – Malcolm Stewart
Joanna Radway – Donna Carroll White
Anna Dawson - Christianne Hirt
Maggie - Johnna Wright
Bat Masterson - Steve Makaj (Stephen Makaj)
George LeCarre - Gérard Rinaldi
Artemus Boone - Don MacKay
Stagecoach driver - Jim Lauder (James Lauder)
With: Denny Miller (Dennis Miller), Ken Tremblett, Byron Chief Moon, Eric Schweig (Ray Thrusher), Buffalo Child (Buffalo Child Koopepequancit), Gordon Tootoosis, Robert Mammone, Ryf Van Rij, Anthony Harrison, Deanna Milligan, Mike Mitchell (Michael Mitchell), F. Braun McAsh, Jennifer Dale (Jennifer Ciurluini), Norman Browning, Glen Wonnacott, Don S. Davis (Don Sinclair Davis), Jerry Wasserman, R. Nelson Brown, Tim Henry, Roark Critchlow, Bill Croft (William Croft), Frank Totino, William Samples, Peter Blackwood, Tim Andres (Timothy Andres), Doug Abrahams (Douglas Abrahams), Brock Johnson, John Pyper Ferguson, Garry Chalk, Lon Katzmann (Lon Katzman), Paul McLean, Rod Menzies, R.G. Miller, Peter Hanlon, Ben Bass (Benjamin Bass), Ken Camroux (Kenneth Camroux), Luc Corbeil, David Longworth, Ric Reid, Christina Jastrzembska, Allan Lysell, Megan Leitch, Dale Wilson, Brent Stait, James Crecenzo, Brian Knox McGugan, Lindsay Bourne, Wayne Crowe, Tom Heaton, Charles Kristian, Lane Campbell (Francis Campbell), Jason Michas, Ted Stidder (Theodore Stidder), Wayne York

This half hour series originally ran on CBN (The Family Channel) from 1989 until 1991. It was filmed on a tight budget in British Columbia and had a mostly Canadian cast and crew. It's unlikely that U.S. viewers will be familiar with most of the actors, including the leads (Richard Comar, John H. Brennan, and Sophie Barjac). Still, it was well-acted, and the stories were interesting. There's a lack of pretension about the series that makes it refreshing when compared to many other modern-day Westerns. Since it was made for a network that was owned by Pat Robertson, there's no swearing or sex, but there is a surprising amount of violence. The primary setting is a very muddy frontier town; there's a large cast of recurring characters; and there's was as much emphasis on character as on action. However, "Bordertown" lacks pretension. It's hard to get into much depth in 23 minutes and on a low budget, so its storytelling scope is narrow But there's something very likeable about how the series set its modest goals and fulfilled them.

Episode list:
Season 1: 1) Civilization, 2) Runners, 3) Medicine Woman, 4) Blindside, 5) The Man They Couldn’t Hang, 6) A Model Citizen, 7) Over the Line, 8) Blood Fury, 9) The Reaper, 10) The Killing, 11) The Gunfighter, 12) Trapped, 13) Slave, 14) One of the Boys, 15) When Dreams Die, 16) The Lady and the Corpse, 17) The Fur Trader, 18) Ties That Bind, 19) The Bounty Hunter, 20) Pretty Shadows (aka Legacy), 21) Bad Memories, 22) Craddock vs Bennett, 23) Nahanni, 24) Vigilante, 25) Gold and Lead, 26) Keenan’s Raiders

Season 2: 1) Hunter’s Moon, 2) The Pony Riders, 3) Hand to Hand, 4) The Last Shot, 5) The Convoy, 6) The Last Fenian Raid, 7) Letter of the Law, 8) White Feather, 9) Four Eyes, 10) Skirmishes, 11) Buffalo Woman, 12) Ancient Claims, 13) Killer With a Smile, 14) Straight From the Heart, 15) Compadres, 16) When Gold Turns Black, 17) Gun Down, 18) Two Moons, 19) The Last of the James Gang, 20) Snap Shot, 21) The Fourth Estate, 22) The Heart of Adventure, 23) A Brand of Justice, 24) Devil’s Right Hand, 25) Fool’s Gold, 26) All for One

Season 3: 1) Second Chance [1], 2) Vengeance is Mine [2], 3) Nebraska Lightning, 4) Let There Be Light, 5) Sons of Thunder, 6) Wild Horses, 7) Blood, 8) Sweet Revenge, 9) Sight Unseen, 10) The Preacher, 11) Honor Thy Father, 12) In Cold Blood, 13) A Question of Negligence, 14) Conduct Becoming, 15) The Bostonian, 16) Field of Honor, 17) The New Recruit, 18) Marshal Law, 19) Roaring Days, 20) The Road Chosen, 21) Hired Hand, 22) Demon Rum, 23) Tall in the Saddle, 24) A Small Kindness, 25) Frontier Passage, 26) Under Western Skies

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