Sunday, March 8, 2015

Aye, Aye Sheriff (TV film)

Ay, ay, Sheriff - German title
Kapt’n Senstakes Abenteuer - German title
Aye, Aye Sheriff - English title

A 1973 West German Television production [Sauerland Kunstoffe, Tele-Contact (Berlin)]
Director: Rolf Olsen (Rudolf Knoblich)
Teleplay: Stefan Gommermann
Photography: Franz X. Lederle (Franz Xaver Lederle) [color]
Music: Sonoton
Running time: 72 minutes

Captain Senkstake - Hans-Joachim Kulenkampf
Black Jack - Erik Schumann
Mrs. Rosemary Wilson - Dinah Hinz
Matt Bruno - Frithjof Vierock
Jim - Jürgen Feindt
Forscherin - Birgit Bergen
Detective Major - Karl Lieffen (Carel Lifka)
with: Brigitte Stein, Dieter Wieland, Brigitte Mira, Maria Paudler, Gudrun Schmidt, Ralf Wolter, John Vornholt, Inge Schacht, Gerd Frickhöffer, Richard Bohne, Georg Lehn, Christian Skrobek, Anita Mally, Ilse Peternell

The Grumpy Old Salt Senkstake is stranded together with his friend Maat Bruno in America. Here he is urgently needed to deliver a trapper’s pouch of gold to his widow while all the time being pursued by the outlaw Black Jack and his gang.

This made for TV western was filmed in the Canary Islands. Although the first Kapt’n Senkstakes Abenteuer was highly successful the following sequels paled in comparison and never rivaled the original.


  1. Planned and filmed as a 3-part adventure-yarn, played as and with Northern German types. Other 75minutes-TV films are a spoof of a horror film ("The Haunted Castle of Baskermore") and African adventure film ("Honorary Chief of the Watuba Tribe")

  2. Character name corrected, thanks Fatman.

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