Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Who Are Those Gals? - Clodi Bertola

Clodi Bertola was born in Bucharest, Romania on August, 12, 1913. She wanted to become a dancer but ended up a legendary stage actress. She received a religious education at a Catholic boarding school in Paris, where she was sent after the suicide of her father. Clodi graduated from the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts and soon found fame as a stage actress with the Bulandra Theatre and Comedy Theatre, National Theatre and Little Theatre. She was married to directors Liviu Ciulei and Lucian Pintilie. Her career as an actress was told in the biography "La vie en rose" by Ludmila Patlanjoglu.
During her long career as a stage actress she did appear in a half dozen films, among which was one European western: “The Prophet, the Gold and the Transylvanians” (1977) as Mrs. Vickenton.
She was awarded the Order of Cultural Merit grade II (1967) "for outstanding achievements in the dramatic arts".
Clody Bertola died in Bucharest, Romania on December 28, 2007 at the age of 94 years.

BERTOLA, Clodi (aka Clody Bertola) [8/12/1913, Bucharest, Romania - 12/28/2007, Bucharest, Romania] – stage actress, married to painter Stefan Constantinescu (1940-194?), director Liviu Ciulei [1923-2011] (1945-    ), Lucian Pintilie [1933-    ] (1963-2007).
The Prophet, the Gold and the Transylvanians – 1977 (Mrs. Vickenton)

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