Thursday, May 16, 2013

RIP Artus de Penguern

The actor and director Artus de Penguern has died
The actor and director Artus de Penguern died suddenly Tuesday at age 56 at his home in Paris of a heart attack, officials said Thursday, May 16.
An actor in more than 30 feature films and dozens of TV movies, Artus de Penguern was also a director of such films as “Clinique de l'amour”, released in 2012, in which he played an unscrupulous surgeon.
He also wrote a weekly column in the form of a rant, titled "Ça suffit” (“Enough”) in the program "Comme on nous parle" by Pascale Clark on France Inter. His squeaky and provocative texts often masked sincere indignation of this aristocrat of Breton origin, with a genuine smile and caustic humor.
A former student of cours Simon, he started his film career in the 1980s, performing all sorts of roles in films as diverse as “Maupassant de Michel Drach” (1980), “Danton de Wajda” (1983),
“Le Sang des autres de Chabrol” (1983) and “Police de Maurice Pialat (1985). More recently, “Amelie”, in which he played Hipolito the sad jaded writer.
He directed five short films before moving along, such as “Grégoire Moulin contre l'humanité” (2000), in which he plays the title role of a hapless orphan, born on Friday the 13th leads a dreary provincial existence before attempting to change his luck, without any success.
de Penguern was married to actress Pascale Arbillot [1970- ].
Artus appeared in the children’s Euro-western “Big City” in 2006.

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