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Ognuno per sé – Italian title
Das Gold von Sam Cooper – German title
Tähtää tarkasti - tapa varmasti – Finnish title
Chacun pour soi – French title
O kathenas gia ton eafto tou – Greek title
A furia do ouro – Portuguese title
Los cuatro despiadados – Spanish title
Den grymma jakten – Swedish title
Profesyonellerin intikami – Turkish title
Sam Cooper’s Gold – English title
The Goldseekers – English title
Every Man for Himself – English title
The Ruthless Four U.S.A. title
A 1967 Italian, German co-production [P.C.M. (Rome), Eichberg Film (Munich)]
Producers: Luciano Ercoli, Alberto Pugliese
Director: George Holloway (Giorgio Capitani)
Story: Fernando Di Leo, Augusto Caminito
Screenplay: Ferdinando Di Leo, Augusto Caminito
Cinematography: Sergio D’Offizi [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Carlo Rustichelli
Running time: 106 minutes
Sam Cooper – Van Heflin (Emmett Heflin, Jr.)
Mason – Gilbert Roland (Luis Dámaso de Alonso)
Manolo Sanchez – George Hilton (Jorge Acosta y Lara)
Brent/Blond – Klaus Kinski (Nikolaus Nakaszynski)
Annie – Sarah Ross (Alice Bakacirc)
Lancaster – Giorgio Gruden
Matt – Doro Corrà (Teodoro Corrà)
Hal Brady – Rick Boyd (Federico Boido)
Fred Brady – Sergio Doria (Sergio Endrigo)
Slim – Hardy Reichelt
Bank cashier – Ivan Scratuglia (Giovanni Scratuglia)

After many years of work, miner Sam Cooper discovers a gold-bearing vein. Unable to bring all the gold with him, Sam is forced to blow up the mine entrance and return to town. After arriving in town he sends for his godson and asks him to help him carry out the gold. The godson of Sam comes along with a strange man that seems to dominate his will. Cooper, while not trusting the newcomer, he is forced to accept his help. The trio is soon joined by another man, an old friend of Sam. The four reach the mine and after days of hard work recover the gold and start their way back to town. Soon differences begin to surface within the group and the conflict culminates in the death of three of Sam’s employees. So only Sam reaches town with the load of gold.
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