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Arizona Bill – Italian title
La strada per Forte Alamo – French title
Arizona Bill – French title
Il était une fois la mort – French title
Der ritt nach Alamo – German title
Camino de fuerte Alamo – Spanish title
Alamo Kahramanlari – Turkish title
The Road to Fort Alamo – U.S.A. title
A 1964 Italian, French co-production [Piazzi Produzione Cinematografica, Protor Film (Rome), Comptoir Français du Film Production (Paris)]
Producers: Achille Piazzi, Pier Luigi Torri
Director: John W. Old (Mario Bava)
Story: Vincent Thomas (Lorenzo Gicca Palli)
Screenplay: Jane Brisbane ( Livia Contardi),  Vincent Thomas (Lorenzo Gicca Palli), Charles Pric(Franco Prosperi)
Cinematography: Bud Third (Ubaldo Terzan), Mario Bava [Eastmancolor, Totalscope]
Music: Piero Umiliani
Song: “The Road to Fort Alamo” sung by Tony Wendall
Running time: 82 minutes
Bill Mannerly/Bud Massidy/Lieutenant John Smith/Arizona Bill – Ken Clark (Kenneth Clark)
Janet – Jany Clair
Little Kid Carson – Michel Lemoine
Mrs. Collins – Andreina Paul
Private Jim ‘Slim’ Kincaid – Kirk Bert (Alberto Ceverini)
Captain Hull/Hollis – Anthony Gradwell
Sergeant Warwick Carter – Dean Ardow (Gustavo Di Nardo)
Mr. Silva/Silver – Gérard Herter
Gambler – Claudio Ruffini
Bartender – Pietro Tordi
Soldier – Anthony Freeman (Mario Novelli)

Two bandits, who have finished a robbery wearing blue army jackets, are mistaken for authentic soldiers by a squad of soldiers escorting a stagecoach en route to Fort Alamo. It doesn’t take Sergeant Warwick long to realize the deception, but prefers to remain silent convinced that the experienced outlaws and their guns will be useful. If Bud, one of the two outlaws, helps the caravan out of a difficult situation. He redeems his sins with heroic and altruistic behavior, Bud manages to gain the esteem of his new companions and the love of a gracious woman. The second outlaw suffers a different fate.

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