Monday, May 13, 2013


Una forca per un bastardo – Italian title
Chi ha ucciso Abramo Everton – Italian title
Eine Kugel fur den Bastard – German title
Wyoming Connection – German title
The Gallows for a Killing – English title
A Rope for a Bastard – English title
A 1967 Italian production [S.P.E.F.D. (Rome)]
Producer: ?
Director: Àmasi Damiani
Story: ?
Screenplay: ?
Cinematography: Angelo Bastrocchi [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Michele Lacarenza
Running time: 82 minutes
Sheriff Alan Phillip – Dick Palmer (Domenico Palmara)
Susan/Annie – Monica Mills (Monica Millesi)
Mark Evans – Barth Warren
Dan Evans – Barth Warren
Foster – Livio Lorenzon
Margie – Kathleen Parker (Caterina Trentini)
Townsman – Fortunato Arena
Walt – Piero Mazzinghi
With: Leo de Ny, Aldo Bonamano, Mirella Pamphili (Mirella Pamphilli), Stelio Tanzini, Nicola Giramoleo, Anny Degli Uberti (Anna Degli Uberti), Walter Richmond (Walter Neg), Ivan Basta, Francesco M. De Leone, Franco Lo Verdo, Renato Lupi, Lemmy Carson, Gualtiero Rispoli, Loris Zanchi

A man tries to avenge the murder of his father but runs into trouble with several people who he suspects but they manage to prove their innocence, The man suddenly meets his double, who turns out to be his twin brother, of which he had no prior knowledge of. The twin just happens to know the murderer. Now the sheriff must bring justice to the town and arrest the guilty party.

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  1. Biltmore: Who the .... is Barth Warren. He also starred in the Richard Harrison Ganger pic Once Upon a Time a Gangster.