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Ehi amico... c'è Sabata, hai chiuso! – Italian title
Sabata – Brazilian title
Heroj crnog kolta - Croatian title
Sabata, salaperäinen ratsastaja – Finnish title
Sabata – French title
Sabata – German title
Sabata, o tromokratis tou El Paso – Greek title
Hé barátom, itt van Sabata – Hungarian title
Sabata viene a matar – Mexican title
Sabata – Portuguese title
Oro sangriento – Spanish title
Sabata vadiler hakimi – Turkish title
Sabata – U.S.A. title
A 1969 Italian production [P.E.A. (Rome)]
Producer: Alberto Grimaldi
Director: Frank Kramer (Gianfranco Parolini)
Story: Gianfranco Parolini, Renato Izzo
Screenplay: Gianfranco Parolini, Renato Izzo
Cinematography: Sandro Mancori (Alessandro Mancori) [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Marcello Giombini
Running time: 111 minutes
Sabata – Lee Van Cleef (Clarence Van Cleef, Jr.)
Banjo – William Berger (Wilhelm Berger)
Hardy Stengel – Franco Ressel (Domenico Orobano)
Jane – Linda Veras (Sieglinde Veras)
Carrincha – Pedro Sanchez (Ignazio Spalla)
Judge O’Hara – Gianni Rizzo (Giovanni Rizzo)
Ferguson – Anthony Gradwell (Antonio Gradoli)
Indio/Jumping Kid/Alley Cat – Nick Jordan (Aldo Canti)
Oswald – Robert Hundar (Claudio Undari)
Slim – Spanny Conversi (Spartaco Conversi)
Sharky – Marco Zuanelli
McCallum – Gino Marturano (Luigi Marturano)
Frankie – Joseph Matthews (Giuseppe Mattei)
Virginia brothers – Franco Ukmar, Bruno Ukmar
Father Brown – R. Lodi (Rodolfo Lodi)
False Father Brown – Allan Collins (Luciano Pigozzi)
Logan – Vittorio André
Rocky Bendato – Romano Puppo
Daniel – Andrew Ray (Andrea Aurelli)
Army Captain – Franco Marletta (Francesco Marletta)
Sheriff of Daugherty City – John Bartha (Janos Barta)
Nichols – Charles Tamblyn (Carlo Tamberlani)
Bandits – Fortunato Arena
Soldier guarding bank - Gino Barbacane
Shotgun – Gilbert Galimberti (Gian Galimberti)
Sharky’s mother – Ana María Noé
Barman – Mimmo Poli (Domenico Poli)
Saloon patron – Elio Angelucci
With: Armando Bottin
Stunts: Miguel Pedregosa

Sabata rides into the town of Dougherty. While enjoying a drink in the local saloon, a group of thieves are robbing the town bank, making off with a huge metal safe containing $100,000. Sabata heads off the thieves and retrieves the money and brings back a wagon load of corpses. Sabata then runs across and old acquaintance, Banjo, who is passing through town. Sabata meets two other characters in Daugherty that he takes a liking to: a comical fat guy named Carrincha and an acrobatic mute named Alleycat, they soon become his sidekicks. After returning the money Sabata is offered a reward, by naming his price. He asks for $5,000. What everyone in town doesn’t know is that the respected town officials, Stengel, and Judge O'Hara are behind the actual robbery and Sabata just ruined their plans for collecting the insurance to buy a large portion of land that will be set aside for a train line coming through. After finding out this information, Sabata, Carrincha and Alleycat work together to blackmail Stengel and his army to get the money back. Banjo on the other hand has his own priorities and he tries to steal the money from Sabata. It all ends with a showdown and the double-crosser getting his just deserts.
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  1. Biltmore: The title 'Heroj crnog kolta' translates to "The Hero in Black Returns" and is the Croatian title of THE RETURN OF SABATA. If you google the title you can find a poster for the sequel with that title.