Monday, November 19, 2012

RIP Fred Canow

Actor Fernando Casanova (aka Fred Canow) dies at 86

Another star of the golden age of Mexican cinema has gone, the actor Fernando Casanova died November 16, 2012 due to a pulmonary complications, caused by lung cancer.

Fernando Gutiérrez López, the actor's real name, was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco on November 24, 1925. In his youth he dreamed of becoming a bullfighter, but life had in store other things. He entered the world of cinema in 1946, in an uncredited role in “La vida íntima de Marco Antonio y Cleopatra”, but his big break came at the hands of the producer Raul de Anda, who offered the starring role in the film “El águila negra”, in 1953, the which would attain great success.

In his history can be found films like “Los Bandidos de Río Frío” (1954), “Escuela de Vagabundos” (1954), “Cuatro Contra El Imperio” (1955), “Rebeca Iturbide y Charito Granados”, “El Hombre Del Alazán” (both in 1958), “Mecánica Nacional” (1973), to name just a few of his hits. He also appeared in two Euro-westerns: “Four Bullets for Joe” and “The Sign of the Coyote” both in 1963 under the alias Fred Canow.

During his film career he appeared in some 300 films, achieving a Guinness Record for being the actor with the most leading roles in film history. His last appearance was on home video home in the film “La Estampa Del Escorpión” in 2007.

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