Saturday, November 10, 2012


…e alla fine lo chiamarono Jerusalem l’implacabile – Italian title
Padella calibro 38 – Italian title
Chi spara per primo ammazza due volte – Italian title
Bratfanne Kaliber 38 – German title
Zwei Teufelskerle 38 – German title
Blaue Bohnen zum Dessert – German title
Pistoler og steikepanne – Norwegian title
Pistolero mortal a veces – Spanish title
Poella calibro 38 – Spanish title
Panhandle Caliber .38 – English title

A 1971 Italian production [Cinegi (Rome)]
Producer: F.T. Gay
Director: Toni Secchi (Antonio Secchi)
Story: Mario Amendola
Screenplay: Mario Amendola, Massimo Franciosa, Luisa Montagnani, Toni Secchi (Antonio Secchi)
Cinematography: Giorgio Regis [Eastmancolor, CinemaScope]
Music: Franco Micalizzi
Song: “Spring is in the Air” sung by David King (David Kingshott)
Running time: 92 minutes

Jessie Bronson/Jerusalem – Scott Holden
Connie Connors/Briscott – Delia Boccardo
Billy Bronson/Kile Richards – Keenan Wynn (Francis Wynn)
Bobo Bison – Giorgio Trestini
El Tornado – Ray O’Connor (Remo Capitani)
General Briscott – Philippe Leroy
Sheriff Kartny – Mimmo Palmara (Domenico Palmara)
Chief Black Eagle – Franco Fabrizi
Bullseye Joe – Nello Pazzafini (Giovanni Pazzafini)
Bullseye Joe’s henchmen – Osiride Pevarello, Roberto Dell’Acqua
Fernand – Gino Marturano (Luigi Marturano)
Pampero – Giorgio White
Priest – Gino Cagna
Sergeant – Alberto Dell’Acqua
Saloon girl – Carla Mancini
Indian – Pietro Torrisi
Gay Indian – Renzo Pevarello
With: Riccardo Donzelli

An old bandit named Billy Bronson and his son Jessy aka Jerusalem, are mandated by the Sheriff of Kartny to transfer two chests of gold intended for general Southern Briscott. To capture the gold, the clumsy beast Bobo Bison, French Fernand, a band of Indians led by Black Eagle, a fake priest false and real Mexican bandits led by Tornado, who have been hired to steal the gold by a person above reproach. All become overwhelmed with the power and cunning of Jerusalem. Unknown to all of them are that the boxes are full of pebbles. The mystery is explained by the arrival of the sheriff in person who takes the gold and who had organized the expedition to divert the attention of the greedy criminals. Billy and Jessy now find themselves alone and ready for a new adventure.