Friday, November 2, 2012

Outlaws Part 1 & 2

Rocco e i magnifici 7 – Italian title part 1
Rocco e i mercenary – Italian title part 2
Rocco et les sex mercenaires – French title part 1
Rocco Et les ‘Sex’ Mercenaires: 2ème Partie – French title part 2
Für eine Handvoll Sperma – German title part 1
Für Eine Handvoll Sperma 2 – German title part 2
Rocco y los siete magnificos – Spanish title part 1
El regreso De Los Siete Magníficos – Spanish title part 2
Joe D’Amato’s Outlaws – English title part 1
Outlaws – Part 2: The Final Assault – English title part 2
Outlaws Part 1 – U.S.A. title part 1
Outlaws Part 2 – U.S.A. title part 2

A 1997 Italian production [ECCA Film (Rome)]
Producer: ?
Director: Joe D’Amato (Aristide Massaccesi)
Story: Donna Dane
Screenplay: Mel Rose (Aristide Massaccesi)
Cinematography: Fred Slonisko (Aristide Massaccesi)
Music: ?
Running time: 223 minutes

Rocco – Rocco Siffredi
Pedro – Roberto Malone
Sarah – Antonella Del Lago
Kathy - Missy (Maria Christina)
Willy - Philippe Dean
Rick - Richard Lengin (Richard Langin)
Frank – Ramon (Ramon Nomar)
Jess - Mickey G. (Michael Wilkins)
Bank Director’s daughter - Jade Diamond
Indian – Olivier Sanchez
Barber girl – Maria Swalloy (Margit Szallontai)
Saloon girl – Eva Falk
Town girls - Maria De Sanchez, Ursula Moore, Kristina Varga, Regina Sipos
With:  Corina Campos (Beverly Hotsprings), Richard Lengin (Richard Langin), Bruno Sx (Bruno Bussotti)

Part 1: A blazing tale of a town under siege by a vicious band of sex crazed renegades... hungary for sin, Pedro`s band of thugs ravage every woman in sight. Helpless and hopeless the town cries out.

Part 2: The band of mercenaries gathers to defend the village against Pedro and his Mexican marauders, and they gather their money too.
When one of the guys carries it to the bank, he meets the sexy cashier, the bank director's daughter, and they have a go. The town folk don't like that, so he's to be hanged.

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