Monday, June 18, 2012


Cane arrabbiato – Italian title
Caccia all’uomo – Italian title
Sag’ nie wieder Indio – Man Hunt – German title
Anthropokynigos – Greek title
Eimai enas drapetis – Greek title
Caçada ao Homem – Portuguese title
Caceria del hombre – Spanish title
Lov na cloveka – Yugoslavian title
Mad Dog – English title
The Manhunt – English title
Man Hunt – Warning  - U.K. title
Man Hunt – U.S.A. title

A 1984 Italian production [Fulvia Film (Rome)]
Producer: Fabrizio De Angelis
Director: Larry Ludman (Fabrizio De Angelis)
Story: David Parker, Jr. (Dardano Sacchetti)
Screenplay: Fabrizio De Angelis
Cinematography: Joseph Mercury (Guglielmo Mancori) [Telecolor]
Music: Francesco De Masi
Running time: 91 minutes

Rock/Stranger – John Ethan Wayne
Collins – Henry Silva
Sheriff – Bo Svenson (Boris Svenson)
Ben Robeson – Ernest Borgnine (Ermes Borgnine)
Prison guard – Raimund Harmstorf
Robeson’s daughter – Terry Lynch
With: Farris Castleberry, Randy Mulkey, Don Taylor, Susan Wilson, Robin Fugett, Jack Dunlap, Danny O’Haco (Daniel O’Haco), Red Wolverton (Ivan Wolverton), Claude Hereford (Claud Hereford), Henry Maxkendrick (Henry Max Kendrick), Austin Ludson (Austin Judson), Charles Julian, Rick Schieffer (Richard Schieffer), Eddie Neufang (Edward Neufang), Lawrence Niemi, Arthur Rothbard, Ed Adams (Edward Adams)

After a stranger named Rock buys two horses at an auction in Tucson, he stops to water them on the property of rancher Ben Robeson. The unscrupulous rancher sees an easy mark, so he accuses the stranger of stealing the horses from his stables and ultimately gets him thrown in jail for three years. Determined to get revenge against the rancher, the stranger escapes with justice on his mind.

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  1. This is more of a modern day Spaghetti Western featuring none other than the son of the Duke himself, John Wayne, Ethan Wayne. Ethan was also in "Big Jake" as the Duke's grandson and was named after Ethan Edwards, the character that Duke had played in "The Searchers". You're welcome America.