Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who Are Those Guys - Giancarlo Bastianoni

Giancarlo Bastianoni was more an Italian acrobat and stuntman than an actor. Probably born in the late 1930s or early 1940s, he participated in a number of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill films where he usually played a henchman and thug in order to take advantage of his athletic ability in saloon brawls. Giancarlo appeared in 10 Euro-westerns and eventually became an assistant director where he usually was in charge of the second units which were involved in action scenes.

BASTIANONI, Giancarlo (aka Jean-Carlo Bastiannoni) [Italian] - acrobat, TV actor, stuntman, assistant director.
The Desperado Trail - 1965
God Forgives... I Don’t! - 1966 (poker player)
The Half-Breed - 1966
Bandidos - 1967 (Sam)
Day of Anger - 1967 (Wild Jack henchman)
God Forgives, I Don’t - 1967 (poker player)
I Do Not Forgive... I Kill! - 1967 (outlaw)
Phaedra West - 1968 (outlaw)
They Call Me Trinity - 1970 (Major’s henchman)
Trinity is STILL My Name - 1971 (saloon patron)
It Can Be Done Amigo - 1972 (Big Jim henchman)
Man of the East - 1972 (saloon patron)
Another Try, Eh Providence? - 1973

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