Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy 80th Birthday Romolo Guerrieri

Romolo Giorlami was born on December  5, 1931 in Rome, Italy. He is the brother of Marino Girolami [1914-1994]. He began his career in the cinema as an assistant and aid. He was also director of the second unit on the film “Rosmunda  e Alboino” and “Italiani brava gente”. After that he was an assistant director on three Euro- westerns, “$5,000 on One Ace” (1964), “Minnesota Clay” and “The Man Who Came to Kill” (both 1965). He then became a director in 1966 of his own Euro-western “Johnny Yuma” under the pseudonym Romolo Guerrieri. It in turn lead to a series of various kinds of films in the following years resulting in a great success in crime films. Girolami sometimes used the alias Rod Gilbert. Today we celebrate Romolo Guerrieri’s (Romolo Girolami) 80th birthday.

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