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KIT & Co.

Lockruf des Goldes – German title
Kit und Co. – German title
Kit und Co - Lockruf des Goldes – German title
Kit i spółka – Russian title
Kid i kompanija – Russian title
Kit a spol - Czechoslovakian title
A két aranyásó – Hungarian title
Kit & Co. – English title

A 1974 East German, Russian, Czechoslovakian co-production [DEFA (East Berlin), Moss Film (Moscow), Filmové Studio Barrandov (Prague)]
Producer: Dorothea HIldebrandt
Director: Konrad Petzold
Story: “Smoke Bellew” by Jack London (John Chaney)
Screenplay: Günter Karl
Cinematography: Hans Heinrich [Orwocolor]
Music: Karl-Ernst Sasse
Running time: 105 minutes

Chritstopher “Kit” Bellew – Dean Reed
Joy Gastell – Renate Blume
Shorty – Rolf Hoppe
Mr. Slavovitz – Armin Mueller-Stahl
Captain Consadine – Hannjo Hasse
Colonel Bowie – Hans Lucke
Skunk Wilson – Gerry Wolff
Lucille Arral – Monika Woytowicz
Wild Water Bill – Manfred Krug
Mayor – Christoph Bayertt (Christoph Beyertt)
Louis Gastell – Siegfried Kilian
Big Burke – Ralph J. Boettner (Ralph Joaquin Boettner)
O’Hara – Edgar Külow
Harvey Moran – Klaus Tilsner
Gautereaux – Fritz Mohr
Wirrkopf – Alfred Lux
drunk – Uwe Schmidt
Charley – G.K. Laine
Frau – Sina Fiedler
Croupier – Bodo Schmidt
Miner – Fred Ludwig (Alfred Hoffman)
Saloon patrons – Peter Heiland, Pedro Hebenstreit, Matthias Molter, Volker Steinkopff, Hasso Wardeck
Arbeiter – Willi Neuenhahn
Shoemaker – Mirko Musil
Trapper – Nico Turoff
Young man – Hans-Uwe Wardeck
Registration officer – Dirk Jungnickel
With: Karlheinz Scherf, Horst Papke, Jörg Knochée, Joseph Schorn, Willi Schrade, Jenny Jules, Sean Rocks, Dave Schneider, Hans Wehrl

At the end of the 19th Century: Kit Bellew works as a journalist for the magazine "Billow" in San Francisco. When he hears of the discovery of gold in Alaska, he tries to persuade his boss to let him go as a reporter. When he refuses the offer, Kit quits the same day and is on his way to the "Gold Country". Once there, he makes the acquaintance of the attractive Joy, daughter of Louis Gastell a successful prospector. A short time later, Kit travels to the interior of the country and  is confronted with  the harsh weather of Alaska. When he breaks down in the pouring rain, he is helped by prospector Shorty, together they continue on their route. In Dawson City, Kit begins a fight out of jealousy with the experienced prospector Wild Water Bill. He lives in a small hut with Shorty and can afford only modest meals. This changes suddenly when Kit discovers a system in roulette and so wins thousands of dollars. A new house, good food and excellent equipment are the result. After winning a huge sum of money, he sells his system to the owner Kit Slavovitz. On their way to a stream, reported to be a new gold discovery, they are kept away by a trick of Joy and her father and come up empty. After the two are almost falsely hanged, they set out to search for the mother lode and discover it, which helps them gain fame as gold prospectors. Meanwhile, Shorty and Kit have reconciled with Louis Gastell and hear about   a dog race with a million dollar purse. They buy the best dog sled; Kit and Wild Water Bill win the race. The money is divided and Joy and Kit are married.

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