Saturday, December 3, 2011


L’uomo di Santa Cruz - Italian title
Kid Vengeance - U.S.A. title
Vendetta - Brazilian title
La venganza - Brazilian title
A Vingança - Brazilain title
Elämän julma hinta - Finnish title
Kuoleman hymy - Finnish title
Les cavaliers du diable - French title
Todliche rache - German title
Prohora, alloios tha pethanis - Greek title
Venganza sangrienta - Spanish title
Gamar over Tombstone - Swedish title
Hämnd till varje pris - Swedish title
Korkunc Baskin -Turkish title
Take Another Hard Ride - English title
Vengeane - English title

A 1976 Italian, Isreali, U.S.A. co-production [Golan-Globus (Tel-Aviv), International Cinema Production (Hollywood)]
Producers: Menahm Golan (Menahem Globus), Frank Johnson, Alex Hacohen
Director: Joe Manduke (Joseph Manduke)
Story: Ken Globus (Kenneth Globus)
Screenplay: Bud Robbins, Jay Tefler, Ken Globus (Kenneth Globus)
Cinematography: David Garfinkel [Telecolor]
Music: Francesco De Masi
Running time: 94 minutes

McClain - Lee Van Cleef (Clarence Van Cleef, Jr.)
Isaac - Jim Brown (James Brown)
Tom Thurston - Leif Garrett (Leif Nervik)
Lisa Thurston - Glynnis O’Connor
Jesus - John Marley
Matthew Thurston - David Loden
Beth Thurston - Dalia Penn
Grover - Matt Clark
Ned - Tim Scott (Timothy Scott)
Dewey - Richard Vanstone
Lupe - Joseph Shiloah (Yossef Shiloach)
Carmelita - Margalit Ankory
Ricardo - David Manachem
sheriff - Yakar Semach
George - Heinz Bernard (Heinz Lowenstein)
Orlando - Moti Baharav
Pablo - Nahum Shalit
Juan - Bruce Starin
Umberto - Jay Koller

Teenager Tom Thurston watches in hiding when a gang of bandits murder his father and then the leader McClain rapes and murders his mother. His sister Lisa is taken captive and led away. Tom goes in pursuit of the gang and joins forces with black prospector Isaac who has had his gold stolen by the gang. Desperate for revenge, the two men set out to exact justice on the outlaw, as Tom slowly begins to cope with the deaths of his family members by killing each of his enemies one by one. Eventually they track McClain to his village hideout and eliminate the gang now Tom and McClain’s son face each other and decide enough killing has taken place and go their separate ways.


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