Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Killer Adios – Italian title
Winchester, uno entre  mil – Spanish title
Qui a tue Fanny Hand? – French title
Killer adios – German title
Apohairetismos sta colt – Greek title
 Uma Arma Entre Mil - Portuguese title
Killer Adios – Swedish title
Winchester One of One Thousand – English title
Killer Goodbye – U.S.A. title
Winchester Justice – U.S.A. title
Killer, Adios – U.S.A. title

A 1968 Italian, Spanish co-production [Concord Film (Rome), Copercines (Madrid)]
Producer: Bruno Turchetto
Director: Primo Zeglio
Story: Mario Amendola, José Mallorquí (José Figuerola)
Screenplay: Mario Amendola, José Mallorquí (José Figuerola), Primo Zeglio
Cinematography: Julio Ortas (Julio Plaza) [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Claudio Tallino
Song: “Killer, Adios” sung by Maurizio Graf
Running time: 102 minutes

Jess Bryan/Brayn/Vrain – Peter Lee Lawrence (Karl Hirenbach)
Fanny Endes – Sara Bay (Rosalba Neri)
Sheila – Marisa Solinas (Anna Solinas)
Bill Bragg – Armando Calvo (Armando Gespier)
Sam/Jack Bradshaw – Nello Pazzafini (Giovanni Pazzafini)
Sheriff – Luis Induni (Luigi Radici)
Sam Ringold – Eduardo Fajardo
Clint Simpson – José Jaspe (José Rivas)
Dixon – Victor Israel (José Vilanova)
Foster - Eduardo Coutelenq
Bill Bragg’s sister – Paola Barbara (Paolina Prato)
With: Miguel Del Castillo, Luis Barboo, Jaime Blanch (Jaime Montijano), Richard Laver, Julio Infiesta, Gonzalo Esquiroz, José Canalejas

  Jess Bryan returns to his hometown, where he had to leave after killing the vicious bandit Gaspar and saving the life of Jack Bradshaw the right hand man of the wealthy Sam Ringold. After being ambushed twice and the violent death of his friend Bob Elliot, Jess asks to be appointed deputy. In the new guise, Jess investigates a series of crimes, all committed by a person owning  a Winchester rifle which is very well known in the country, and seems to point to Bradshaw. The truth, however, is another story, and Jess is able to discover it at the cost of several lives. It turns out the killer is a mysterious serial killer who uses a special rifle as a murder weapon. Jess finally solves the mystery and then leaves his country, together with Sheila, the woman he loves.


  1. Thanks Antonio. Portuguese title added to post.

  2. Tom. Watched this last night. The murders were not committed by a 'mysterious murderess'....or are you just trying to keep us off the trail? ;)

  3. Sorry James it was supposed to be murderer. I've changed the storyline a bit, as you know this film is as much a murder mystery as it is a western.

  4. I've actually seen this Western movie on YouTube and it was great! I plan on remaking this film under the working title of "Farewell, Killer". My character's name will be Silver like in the other Peter Lee Lawrence Western, "Killer Caliber .32". In this film, Silver is sent to the town of Canyon City to investigate a murder when he bumps into an old friend, Abel Murray. Murray tells Silver that his son, Frank, has been accused of the murder and is now in jail. The sheriff, John Overgate, says that if convicted, Frank will hang. There's only one problem. Both Silver and Murray along with half the townspeople, including Frank's childhood sweetheart, Julie, don't believe he did it. One night, Julie smuggles a gun into Frank's cell and he is able to escape. The sheriff and his posse set out after him and immediately they lose his trail. In the meantime, silver tries to get a confession out of one of the deputies, Tom Rankin. Tom says that the sheriff was the one who actually committed the crime and had planted the gun in Frank's hotel room to make it look like HE did it. Will Silver be able to prove Frank's innocence? Or will he die trying? You decide. Until then, wish me luck.