Friday, August 12, 2011

Who Are Those Gals? - Tamara Baroni

Tamara Baroni was born on January 3, 1947 in Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. She was a contestant in the 1967 Miss Italy contest and was awarded Miss Elegance. She then entered the 1967 Miss World Contest where she was a semi-finalist. Tamara had ambitions of becoming a film actress and after a short modeling career, she appeared as a supporting actress in several films during the late 1960s and early 1970's including Ruggero Deodata’s "Vacanze sulla Costa Smeralda" (1968) and Bruno Corbucci’s "Anselmo e il suo scudiero" (1973). She was basically ignored by the Italian film industry and became the mistress of wealthy industrialist Pierluigi Bormioli. After a long relationship he tired of their relationship and tried to get rid of her by throwing her out of his car and telling her he never wanted to see her again. This enraged Baroni and she went to the police and filed a complaint and made up a story that she and Bormioli had hired killers to murder his wife. She also states the Pierluigi was a drug addict. Although heavily covered by the press, her story was not very convincing and she was repeatedly questioned by judges threatened with arrest until finally confessing she invented the entire story. She spent a month and a half in a Parma jail cell before being released. Refusing to abandon her fight for fame she became a singer, stage actress and wrote poetry. She was married three times her last to Gian Garbellini which has lasted over 25 years and produced three children. Today she lives with Gian in Natal, Brazil, where she recently stated she was paid to tell the story about Pierluigi Bormioli by her lawyer and she was never thrown from a car. She has released a book of poetry entitled Sotto identiche cose and an e-book Tamara parmigiana detailing and refuting her turbulent life in the 1970s.

BARONI, Tamara [1/3/1947, Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy - ] - Miss Parma 1967, Miss Elegance at Miss Italy 1967, finalist for Miss World [1967], stage actress, poet.
A Gunman Called Dakota - 1971 (Scott’s daughter)

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