Saturday, August 20, 2011

RIP Pino Ferrara

Italian actor and voice actor Giuseppe ‘Pino’ Ferrara died on August 8, 2011 after a long illness. Pino was born in Padua, Veneto, Italy on March 11, 1929. For several years he worked in the theater, particularly in the company of Peppino De Filippo. He taught acting at the International Academy of the Actor in Rome.

Ferrara was a member of the cast of many television dramas, including "The Count of Monte Cristo" (1966) and "The Adventures of Pinocchio" (1972), the latter directed by Luigi Comencini . Since 1998 he had been a part of the first five seasons of "Un medico in famiglia", in the role of Faustus, which starred Lino Banfi. Ferrara appeared in five Euro westerns: "Il bandolero stanco" (1952), "The Bang Bang Kid" (1967), "Karate, Fists and Beans" (1973), "Carmabola" (1974) and "The Crazy Adventures of Len and Coby" (1975).

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