Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hurricane Hutch in Many Adventures

Betrogene Erpresser - Austrian title
Hutsch und die Erbschleicher - German title
Gewandtheit gegen Tücke - German title
Il cavaliere dell'uragano - Italian title
Hurricane Hutch in Many Adventures - English title

A 1924 British production [Ideal (London)]
Producer: ?
Director: Charles Hutchison
Story: Eliot Stannard
Screenplay: Eliot Stannard
Cinematography: ? [black & white]
Running time: ?

Story: Unknown.

Larry ‘Hurricane Hutch’ Hutchable - Charles Hutchison
Dick - Warwick Ward
Frank Mitchell - Malcolm Tod
Nancy Norris - Edith Thornton
Hugh - Robert Vallis
Mr. Mitchell - Ernest A. Douglas
Mrs. Mitchell - Daisy Campbell
butler - Cecil Rayne


  1. Italien title: Il cavaliere dell'uragano

  2. And correct German spelling: "Hutsch und die Erbschleicher". There's the censor's paper online ( telling of some short cuts made für German release.

  3. Tom Betts said...
    Thanks Fatman changes made and Italian title added.