Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Human Target

Il bersaglio vivente - Italian title
Il bersaglio umano - Italian title
La cible humaine - French title
Ein lebendes Ziel - German title
Zavorra umana - Spanish title
A Human Target - U.K. title
The Human Target - U.S.A. title

A 1913 Italian production [Società Anonima Ambrosio (Turin)]
Producer: Arturo Ambrosio
Director: Luigi Maggi
Story: ?
Screenplay: ?
Cinematography: Giuseppe Vitrotti [black & white]
Running time: 2000 feet

Walter - Carlo Campogalliani
Lucy - Giulietta De Riso
with: Luigi Chiesa, Luigi Maggi, Mary Cleo Tarlarini

A man named Walter decides to travel to the west with the beautiful Lucy now that the plains of the west have been conquered by civilization. He puts his skills as a cowboy to use serving the people in search of entertainment and excitement.

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