Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy 80th Birthday Andrea Scotti

Andrea Scotti was born on August 27, 1931 in Naples, Italy. He studied acting at the Experimental Centre of Cinematography in Rome, and graduated in 1956. He made his film debut while still in drama school in a small role in "Lo scapolo" (1955). This was followed in subsequent years a large number of small character and supporting roles. Even though he’s photogenic and conveys an ease in his performances he does not become a leading actor. He remains relegated to secondary roles in successful commercial films. He becomes one of the most active actors in Italian Euro-westerns and adventure films. Usually appearing under the alias Andrew Scott he appeared in 28 Euro-westerns. Some of his more familiar titles are: "The Sign of the Coyote" (1963), "Shatterhand" (1964), "Buffalo Bill, Hero of the Far West" (1965), "Blood for a Silver Dollar" (1966), "Starblack" (1967), "I Want Him Dead" (1968), "Shango" (1970), "Adios, Sabata" (1971) and "Those Dirty Dogs" (1973). His last recorded appearance was in 1994's "Terror Express" (1979). Today we celebrate Andrea Scotti’s 80th birthday.

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