Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy 70th Birthday Ricardo Palacios

Born Ricardo López-Nuño Díez on March 2, 1940 in Reinosa, Spain. He graduated from Escuela Oficial de Cinematografía in Madrid as an actor and director. Directing became a sideline until later in his career. He was too busy appearing as a character actor from 1961 to 2002 in over 140 films and TV appearances. Most of us first saw him in “For a Few Dollars More” as the Tucumcari bartender that tells Col. Mortimer when asked about the whereabouts of wanted outlaw Guy Calloway, “I wouldn't know where he'd be today”, while his eyes looked upward. Mostly seen in small cameo parts he did have some substantial roles usually as a Mexican bandit in such films as “Dynamite Jim” (1966), “The Vengeance of Pancho Villa” (1966), “El Condor” (1969), “The Fabulous Trinity” (1972), and “Take a Hard Ride” (1975). Most of the time he was spotted in small cameo roles. He's become one of the most beloved character actors of the genre and has retired in Madrid. Today we celebrate Ricardo Palacios' 70th Birthday.

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