Sunday, March 28, 2010

2010 Donatello Awards

Career awards to be handed out during May 7 ceremony

By Eric J. Lyman

ROME -- The David di Donatello awards will present a special career award to screenwriter Tonino Guerra, organizers said Friday, with lifetime achievement awards going to Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, two of the most recognizable Italian figures from the famed Spaghetti Western genre.

Guerra, who will turn 90 on Tuesday, was nominated for three Oscars between 1965 and 1973. He worked with many of the great directors of the Italy's so-called Golden Age of film including Michelangelo Antonioni, Federico Fellini, Francesco Rosi, Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, and Luchino Visconti.

Spencer, 80, and Hill, 71, combined to appear in nearly 200 films, often side by side. Their credits include many of the best known Spaghetti Western films and Italian B-movie titles in careers spanning from the 1950s until the 1990s. Spencer and Hill are the stage names for Carlo Pedersoli and Mario Girotti, respectively,

The Donatello awards, Italy's most prestigious film honors, will take place May 7.

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