Monday, March 15, 2010


Uccideva a freddo – Italian title
Tué à froid – French title
Mataba a sangre fria – Spanish title
The Killer – English title
The Cold Killer – English title

A 1966 Italian production [Palinuro Film (Rome)]
Producer: Guido Celano
Director: William First (Guido Celano)
Story: “La montagna spaccata” by W. Charlie Reed
Screenplay: George W. Ballor, George Molten (Palmambrogio Molteni), Amid Trail (Amedeo Trilli)
Cinematography: Angelo Baistrocchi [Eastmancolor, Panavision]
Music: The Wilder Brothers (John Ireson, Wayman Parham, John Balfour)
Songs: “He Wore a Silver Star” sung by The Wilder Brothers (John Ireson, Wayman Parham, John Balfour)
Running time: 92 minutes

Bill McGregor/Walcom - Dan Harrison (Bruno Piergentili)
José Desmont - Philip March (Aimé de March)
Helena/Ellen - Rita Farrel
Miss Becket - Lilian Faber
minstrels - The Wilder Brothers (John Ireson, Wayne Parham (Wayman Parham), John Balfour
with; Luis Barber (Luigi Barbieri), Guy W. Ceylon (Guido Celano), Claude Mealli (Claudio Mealli), Mario Feliciani, Giorgio Bandiera, Luciano Odorisio, Billy Reed, Amid Trail (Amadeo Trilli), Ennio Pagliani, Attilio Dottesio, W. Thomas Green

A butler named Jose Desmet, has killed his employer, a former District Judge, who at one time years before, condemned Desmet's father, a famous outlaw, to death. Then Desmet tries to seduce a miner named Salazar's daughter, who is heir to a goldmine. He also kills another woman and the town doctor because they have found out that he was selling weapons to the Indians. A government investigator, Bill McGregor/Walcom, together with the local sheriff, sets out to put an end to Desmet's atrocities and outlawry once and for all.


  1. Hello Tom !
    Luis Barber Is not Luis Barboo .
    Rex Lee.

  2. Tom, are you sure about the song title "“They Call Him Django”? The Wilder Brothers song that plays over opening credits is called "He Wore A Silver Star."

  3. Must be my mistake. I've changed to "He Wore a Silver Star". Thanks