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Kingdom Come - U.K.title
Le maître de Kingdom Come – French title
Rédemption – French title
Le bianche trace della vita – Italian title
Das Reich und die Herrlichkeit – German title
Sta hronia tis aplistias – Greek title
Królowie Zycia – Polish title
Żyła złota – Polish title
El Perdón – Spanish title
Ihtirasin bedeli – Turkish title
Redemption – English title
Kingdom Come – English title
The Claim – USA title

A 1999 British, French, Canadian co-production [Arts Council of England, BBC, Grosvenor Park Productions, Revolution Films (London), Le Studio Canal, Pathé Pictures (Paris), Alliance Atlantis Communications (Montreal)]
Producer: Andrew Eaton
Director: Michael Winterbottom
Story: “The Mayor of Casterbridge” by Thomas Hardy
Screenplay: Frank Cottrell Boyce
Cinematography: Alwin H. Kuchler [color]
Music: Michael Nyman
Running time: 120 minutes

Daniel Dillon - Peter Mullan
Hope Dillon - Sarah Polley
Donald Daglish - Wes Bentley (Wesley Bentley)
Lucia - Milla Jovovich
priest - Randy Birch
Elena Dillon - Natassja Kinski
Bellanger - Julian Richings
Sweetley - Sean McGinley
French Sue - Marie Brassard
Sarah - Phillipa Peak
Annie - Shirley Henderson
Vauneen - Kate Hennig
barman - Fernando Davalos
Doctor Benoit - Marc Hollogne
stagecoach driver - Ron Anderson
German - Marty Antonini
Li - Lydia Lau
Grimes - Royal Sproule
Burn - Tom McCamus
Mexican - Gil Rivera Blas (Isagani Blas)
photographer - Frank Zotter
Delany - Artur Ciastkowski
Crocker - Duncan Fraser
Hope Burn - Elisa Bourreau
Mr. Timpson - Bill Chesterman
wealthy townsman - Gary Lorimer
deputy - Michael Matthew Barker
young Dillon - Barry Ward
young Elena - Karolina Muller
assay clerk - Christopher Hunt
hotel clerk - Tim Koetting
miners - Billy Morton (William Morton), Matthew Johnson, Grant Linneberg, Jimmy Herman, Jess Maldaner
gold miner - Tyson Wiebe
Tobacco Chippies - Valerie Planche, Linda Eve Miller
beggar girl - Janelle Loughlin
young miner - Landon Hicks
opera singer - Karen Mannish
saloon girl - Natasha Barran
saloon actor - David Lereaney
saloon band - Trevor Allan Davies, John Goulart
orchestra leader - Alex Balanescu

In 1867 Daniel Dillon is the lord of a bustling Sierra Nevada mining town called Kingdom Come, that he built and rules. A sturdy, bearded man of middle age, he shares his bed with the lovely Lucia, a young Portuguese prostitute madam who runs the local saloon and brothel. Dillon would seem to have it all but his life is turned upside down when Elena, a dying Polish immigrant, and her pretty teenage daughter, Hope arrive in town with a man named Dalgleish, chief engineer of the Central Pacific railroad. Dalgelish has come with a group of surveyors to map out a route for the that will create America's first transcontinental railroad, but it is the arrival of the women and their dark secret they hold that threatens to undermine the kingdom that Dillon has established. They turn out to be his wife and daughter he traded to a miner years ago for the mining claim from where his riches were obtained. Elena wants nothing for herself but asks that Hope be taken care of and to share what is rightfully hers. Things turn darker when Dalgleish and his team determine the railroad must travel through lower in the valley and the town of Kingdom Come becomes a ghost town overnight as the residence move to the new town site where the railroad will pass.

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