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Yendo hacia ti – Spanish title
Kalpea kostaja – Finnish title
Western – French title
Western en relief – French title
La vengeance impitoyable – French title
Alles fliegt dir um die Ohren – German title
Pale Fighter – U.K. title
Devil Rider – English title
Comin’ at Ya! – U.S.A. title

A 1980 Italian, Spanish, U.S.A. co-production [Universum Film (Madrid), CAU Productions (Hollywood)]
Producer: Tony Anthony (Roger Petitto), Bruce Talbot, Stan Torchia
Director: Ferdinando Baldi
Story: Tony Petitto (Roger Petitto)
Screenplay: Esteban Cuenca Sevilla, Ramón Plana Castell, Lloyd Battista, Gene Quintano (Eugene Quintano), Wolf Lowenthal
Cinematography: Fernando Arribas [Technicolor, Dimensionscope 3-D]
Music: Carlo Savina
Running times: 91 minutes

H.H. Hart -Tony Anthony (Roger Petitto)
Abeline - Victoria Abril (Victoria Rojas)
Pike Thompson - Gene Quintano (Eugene Quintano)
Polk Thompson - Ricardo Palacios (Ricardo Diez)
old man - Lewis Gordon (Donald Lewis)
Indian - Goffredo Unger
with; Dan Barry (Joaquín Sáinz), Luis Barboo, Charly Bravo (Ramon Bravo)

Two sleazy brothers, Pike and Polk kick in the doors of a church and ruin a wedding ceremony by shooting the Priest. In front of the shocked couple, they shoot the groom, H.H. Hart and then kidnap his bride, Abilene. They put her with other women they have ‘collected’, to be sold into prostitution, or to the rich as servants. What the brothers don’t know however, is that the groom only suffered a flesh wound. He is very much alive, and very angry.

Hart hunts down the fat brother, Polk, and catches him with a whore. After beating the living crap out of Polk, Hart gleans the whereabouts of his wife. Hart travels to Pike’s villa and surprises Pike and his gang while they are attempting to auction off the women, including Abilene. Hart reclaims his wife, and sets free the other young women that the brothers have captured. He tells the women to flee the area, while he holds Pike’s gang at gunpoint. Unfortunately, one of Pike’s gang members manages to slip behind Hart, and attacks him with a whip. Pike’s gang quickly overpowers Hart, and the only thing keeping Hart alive is his refusal to tell Pike the location of his overweight brother.

Pike orders his gang to catch up with the women on horseback. He tells his men to kill the women, but to recapture Abilene if possible. Pike learns the whereabouts of his brother, and sets out to find him. Pike discovers his brother alive in a ghost town; half-eaten by rats. When Pike tells his brother that Hart is his prisoner back at the villa, Poke smiles at the thought of revenge When they return to the villa, Polk starts beating up Hart who is tied down. Polk sets Hart free so he can finish him off, only Hart has other ideas. After beating up Polk and his gang, he escapes.

Meanwhile, Pike’s posse has caught up with the women and executed them. They return to the villa with the recaptured Abilene. Pike keeps her alive because he wants to use her against her husband. Hart heads for a nearby ghost town and begins laying out a plan to reclaim his bride and kill her captors. Pike finds his brother’s dead body and is furious with rage. He assembles his posse and heads for the ghost town, with Abilene in tow. When Pike and his gang get face-to-face with Hart, he pulls out his gun and shoots her in the back. Now, a fighting-mad Hart must go up against an entire gang of gunslingers for his own revenge and survival! - Darren Collette

In May 2009, a new restoration of the film was announced at:


  1. Biltmore: I don't belive that Buxx Banner is a real person! I think he's a HOAX that someone played on IMDB. I have removed the name from my files.

  2. I contacted Tony Anthony and he said he never heard of Buxx Banner and anyone with a name like that he would surely recall. I'm with you Mike, Banner must be a hoax as you can find no photos of him on the Internet either.