Monday, August 3, 2009

Who Are Those Guys - Antonio Almoros

Antonio Almorós was born Ramón Antonio Pérez Almorós on January 25, 1922 in Madrid, Spain. He studied at the Conservatorio de Música and then joined the theater company of María Bassó-Enrique Navarro. His first recorded but uncredited film appearance was in 1947’s “Alhucemas”. He would continue making films and television appearances until his death on November 30, 1977 in Madrid. His last appearance was in the TV series “Cañas y barro”. In between he made over 50 films and television series. Among those films were 7 European westerns listed below.

ALMOROS, Antonio (aka Anthony Almoroso) (Ramón Antonio Pérez Almorós) [1/25/1922, Madrid, Madrid, Spain – 11/30/1977, Madrid, Madrid, Spain]
The Man from Oklahoma – 1964
Legacy of the Incas – 1965 (Escobedo)
The Man from Canyon City – 1965
7 Magnificent Pistols – 1966
Now They Call Him Amen – 1972
If You Shoot… You Live – 1974


  1. What film is "These Damned Pounds of Gold"? Never heard that title before.

    According to IMDb he also appeared in a modern day pseudo-western Night of Hate (La lunga notte di Tombstone).

  2. Smjango - "These Damned Pounds of Gold" was an out of print cheap video title taped off of Spanish TV for the film you mention "Night of Hate" (La lunga notte di Tombstone, The Long Night in Tombstone). I'm deleting this title because it is a modern day bank heist and the only western relation is the word Tombstone.

  3. Night of Hate has more connections to SW genre in my opinion, as it has western-style plot, many familiar genre actors and it's almost completely shot in a slightly modernized western town. But of course you are right that it's not a real western, just inspired by them.

  4. Smjango - When I first posted all the titles at the old Spaghetti Western Web Board, I included all the titles that were borderline etc. Even so called 'Red Westerns' which are post WWII films with western elements in them. This time around I'm posting just westerns as far as they take place in the west of the U.S. or are very western in atmosphere.

  5. Ah, ok. I thought you are still including borderline films like at SWWB. All clear now.

  6. Too much difference of opinion on the so-called borderline westerns. I'll stick to the ones closer to home.